Fiddlesticks, Barry! i'm a therapist, not a translator!

Fiddlesticks, Pikachu! i'm a writer, not a actor!

No, Steve! i'm a gay person, not a teacher assistant!

Hallelujah, Sir! i'm a twitter celebrity, not a librarian!

Alas, Emery! i'm a youtuber, not a actor!

Cool beans, Spider-Man! i'm a singer, not a pastel goth!

Fuck you, Master! i'm a graphic designer, not a lifeguard!

Whoa, Jack Sparrow! i'm a furry, not a zoologist!

Hallelujah, Rebecca! i'm a writer, not a internet deity!

Yo, Pikachu! i'm a writer, not a gay person!

Aw yea, Ma'am! i'm a gay person, not a twitter celebrity!

Yeah, Mistress! i'm a sculptor, not a nutritionist!

Fiddlesticks, Claire! i'm a physical therapist, not a teacher assistant!

Rats, Pikachu! i'm a sculptor, not a psychologist!

Dang, Master! i'm a crossing guard, not a pair of shorts!

Eureka, Sir! i'm a teacher assistant, not a curator!

Dang, Ada! i'm a locksmith, not a veterinarian!

Gods-dammit, Sir! i'm a teacher, not a engineer!

Fiddlesticks, Ma'am! i'm a web developer, not a farmer!

Fuck you, Ada! i'm a pastel goth, not a pastel goth!

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