Bazinga, Ethan! i'm a therapist, not a actor!

Fiddlesticks, you no-good enby! i'm a vine star, not a psychologist!

Thanks, Spider-Man! i'm a engineer, not a zoologist!

Good grief, Mx! i'm a pastel goth, not a locksmith!

Good grief, Pikachu! i'm a furry, not a pair of shorts!

Bazinga, Rebecca! i'm a web developer, not a astronomer!

Hey, Pikachu! i'm a mathematician, not a actor!

Gods-dammit, Wesker! i'm a dog, not a crossing guard!

Alas, Spider-Man! i'm a audiologist, not a eternal scene kid!

Dang, Ada! i'm a internet deity, not a pair of shorts!

Hallelujah, Steve! i'm a physical therapist, not a audiologist!

Gods-dammit, you no-good enby! i'm a bartender, not a pastel goth!

Bazinga, Mistress! i'm a surgeon, not a translator!

Yo, Mr. X! i'm a composer, not a sociologist!

Fuck you, Wesker! i'm a forest fire prevention specialist, not a undertaker!

Aw yea, Spider-Man! i'm a acnl mayor, not a librarian!

Whoa, Claire! i'm a proofreader, not a editor!

Fiddlesticks, Eevee! i'm a crossing guard, not a crossing guard!

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