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**Lessons That Should Have Been Learned From NATO’s Destruction of Libya**

"The summit meeting of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the military alliance that is expanding its deployments of troops, combat and surveillance aircraft and missile ships around Russia’s borders, took place on July 11-12 and was a farce, with Trump behaving in his usual w…"

**Time to Stop Playing “Simon Says” with James Madison and Alexander Hamilton**

"As the United States’ depressed, distracted, disorganized, and demobilized populace watches the vicious white-nationalist and authoritarian Donald Trump and the arch-reactionary Republican Party craft a Supreme Court yet further to the right of majority public opinion…"

**Roaming Charges: In the Land of Formula and Honey**

"So Trump came Brussels not to kill off NATO, as both liberals and neocons feared, but to further weaponize it. He played the part of a blustery arms dealer, demanding that all NATO countries increase defense spending to 4% of GDP (double the current commitment), which would come as welcome news to Raytheon, Lockheed & Boeing. Of course, feeding def…"

**Ireland’s Intellectuals Bow to the Queen of Chaos**

"“It is the responsibility of intellectuals to speak the truth and to expose lies.” — Noam Chomsky (1967) Ireland’s oldest university – Trinity College Dublin – gave Hillary Clinton an honorary doctorate in late June. It was one big love in. Clinton was paraded and praised like a people’s champion. And in return Clinto…"

**The Affirmative Action Silo**

"One of the hidden sources of division in the United States is the conceptual silo: the habits of thought, jurisprudence and reporting that segregates issues that feed on each other into separate debates, news reports and court cases. The segregation of debates and decisions about affirmative action, on the one hand, and about mass incarceration,…"

**Tipping Points**

"It is an axiom of American politics that there is one born every minute. Even so, it boggles the mind to think that so many Americans fell for Donald Trump’s con two years ago. Many did, however, and now he is president of the United States. To be sure, it was the Electoral College, not the popular vote, that put him in office. Still, some sixty-three million Americans voted for him.…"

**Fair and Balanced Opinion at the New York Times**

"“Democratic Socialism is awful as a slogan and catastrophic as a policy. And “social democracy”—a term that better fits the beliefs of ordinary liberals who want, say, Medicare for all—is a politically dying force. Democrats who aren’t yet sick of all their losing should feel free to embrace them both.” ~Bret Stephens, “…"

**Cultural and Ideological Struggle in the US: a Final Comment on Ocasio-Cortez**

"There is no question that there is an acute, ongoing social, political, and economic crisis in the United States and the colonial/capitalist world. Liberal democracy along with the institutions and ideological justifications for the neoliberal order are under tre…"

**The New McCarthyism: Is the Electric Chair Next for the Left?**

"In a recent piece for CounterPunch, Melvin Goodman invoked the memory of Sen. Joseph McCarthy as a jumping-off point for a critique of the political situation in the era of Trump & company. He wrote, “it is no surprise that the past 17 years of warfare have been accompanied by a series of lost l…"

**The McConnell Rule: Nasty, Brutish, and Unconstitutional**

"On Feb. 13, 2016, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced what is now referred to as the “McConnell Rule”: “The American people should have a voice in the selection of their next Supreme Court Justice.” Between mid-February 2016 and mid-January 2017, McConnell used this rule to deny Pres. Obama’s …"

**The Awful Truth About the Hammonds**

"President Trump pardoned Oregon rancher Dwight Hammond and his son Steve. The pair were jailed for arson and were the inspiration for the take-over of Malheur NWR by the Bundy mob. Trump’s pardon was based on lobbying by Oregon Congressman Greg Walden who characterized the Hammonds as “responsible ranchers” and portrayed them as victims of…"

**Will Those Killed by NATO 19 Years Ago in Serbia Ever Get Justice?**

"The bridge is new, of course. And of the shrapnel and blood we found here 19 years ago – and the bicycle draped with human remains and the decapitated priest – there is little trace. Sanja Milenkovic, the 15-year old girl and potential mathematics genius who died when Nato returned to…"

**Three Climatic Monsters with Asteroid Impact**

"Continuing from Part 1: Monster #2 Greenhouse Gases (“GHG”) alter ecosystems. The biggest impact of anthropogenic GHG hits the oceans. There is no doubt about the importance of the oceans as a great sink, 2/3rds of the planet. After all, the oceans have saved humanity’s butt ever since industrialization started emitting…"

**Europe’s Iron Curtain: The Refugee Crisis is about to Worsen**

"A recent European Council summit in Brussels was meant to articulate a united policy on the burgeoning refugees and migrant crisis. Instead, it served to highlight the bitter divisions among various European countries. Considering the gravity of the matter, Europe’s self-serving policies are set t…"

**A Letter For Scarlett JoManDaughter**

"“She had wandered, without rule or guidance, into a moral wilderness. Her intellect and heart had their home, as it were, in desert places, where she roamed as freely as the wild Indian in his woods. The scarlet letter was her passport into regions where other women dared not tread. Shame, Despair, Solitude! These had…"

**Netanyahu’s War on Transcendence**

"Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has closed the only crossing point for commercial goods to enter and leave the Gaza Strip. He is unhappy that Palestinian protestors have deployed incendiary kites. Rather than address the illegal blockade which gave rise to the protests, Netanyahu has decreed that Gazan Palestinians will be permitted no trad…"

**Is ISIS About to Lose Its Last Stronghold in Syria?**

"Several hundred suicide bombers and 4,000 fighters belonging to Isis are preparing to defend Hajin in eastern Syria close to the border with Iraq. The town is the last stronghold of the Islamic State, the militarised Islamic cult that three years ago controlled territory the size of Great Britain. The struggle for…"

**The Invisible Class: Workers in America**

"How much more lucid would American politics be if the term ‘working class’ entered and remained in the everyday lexicon? After all, could there be a more fitting concept in an economy where the five largest private employers are currently Wal-Mart, Amazon, Kroger, Yum! Brands (the corporation that operates Taco Bell, KFC, and Pizza Hut),…"

**Haiti’s Popular Uprising Calls for President Jovenel Moïse’s Removal**

"Haiti exploded this past week in a nationwide uprising whose watchwords are “nou bouke,” meaning “we are fed up” in Kreyòl. Like a volcano, the explosion of anger and violence was building up over the past 17 months of President Jovenel Moïse’s rule, which has been characterized by…"

**Dispatch From Haiti: Trump and Breastfeeding**

"When the late Dr. Paul Blough retired from his private OB-Gyn practice in Peoria, Illinois in the mid-80s, he moved to Haiti. And over the next couple of decades “Dr. Paul” delivered over 10,000 babies in Cite Soleil. I remember his eyes moistening in the delivery room of St. Catherine Laboure Hospital, when he told…"