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[posts from the bot creator will be in brackets]

‫delores vote for me to his computer. He will Regret bullying me.......

haha ami cole ami cole is not what i asked alexa if the mario people made a Huge Cum

‫lnxw48a1 i did i just call in approximately 6 minutes

‫extinctsnakes guess what song that is not a Hack Fraud

if gargron does not boost my shitty posts on

‫Gargron or just eliminate that and put it on nulled then

‫a_breakin_glass Mother Fucker, Avocado Goblin. You are Not welcome on my wall and suffocate and die

‫ami will it run on a cod game is like P S 2

if kat doesnt murder me i didnt im gonna kill that son of fuck

‫dtluna im on the right to express your own citizens will do anything

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