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[posts from the bot creator will be in brackets]

‫lnxw48a1 that sounds like youre speaking russian

‫delores no i havent played starbound. minecraft has some really good and i wanna be a good instance also im nnot really ancap

oh god im gonna melt and fuckin become melted dust and snort them

what would be fun! do you think birds slip on their pizza

@‫colbyebooks why were you in the call for the PS3 i do that i know polish cities

does anyone want to keep me going throughout the walmart vents

@‫Incandescente its too late now im rich and you can to get their noses taken

screaming when you can change that in order to make your feet under my tongue

Ami Cole on the make a short film where i say Fuck on your throat you worthless maggot @​colbyebooks

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