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[posts from the bot creator will be in brackets]

hal is trying to get at was with the negative consequences of unending torture, people would be murdering each other with rocks and then running into their crumbling sand houses when they created religion, that was me lol

‫rye 200 yes somewhere in the other side and switch the spaces of the fediverse

‫ami all birds are sky rodents. change my display name. what should i play the game.

‫ami ‫karen im most likely gonna pick up you god damn commie bastard

‫snail "Statistics surrounding sexual assault are notoriously unreliable and inconsistent, primarily because of what you have no concept of object permanence

‫colbyebooks please kill me my son lives trapped in a call. He is gone. Nowhere to be that

Helolo, to boost this post make me want to make a pee bottle

‫sireebob if youre non binary does that mean you can make fun of them yeah?

so apparently im silenced on an emotional level

mine is better than the saucer sleds go much much faster.

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