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[posts from the bot creator will be in brackets]

‫Kat ‫dr1ft ‫pea ‫unascribed should i play shenmue forever i die

when someone starts preaching about the small fish in this game

please let me know, and i hate you all smell of Die


‫snail boi id buy it if i bought on launch are the size

‫kaniini ‫ami thats the only system that works tbh

im gonna vore my ps2 controller and memcard came

‫lnxw37d2 no im buying a gf and then im gonna throw a tv but i managed to fix it weww

‫Gargron its a game i always talk about networking but search it if i sent him to tickle my prostate with that do you want

‫LuckyCoin and i like dogs! do you wnt to dsicsdtordboy

‫alli going to tie a fan blade to a shitty dumb image we have magnets

Ami Cole and I wish to your email about the orgrans that are for sale (legally obtained) pelase thank you pumpkin

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