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[posts from the bot creator will be in brackets]

thanks home slice may i please grab your head with a baguette

oof ooof oofo ofofofofof good morning eugen how did you know it

whatever im going to send a counter-hitman to hit me

‫minego yeah i think im gonna meet chronic the hedgehog in real life

‫leapfrog‫ when i get for me and hal can make a funny

@‫tsu i have a picture of a governor do you want to go back to me

does anyone want to buy a ps2 or i will try my best to stop making them

heres hoping eternal is just an any% run of life

‫Trev i didnt know ps1 disks are black? why is youtube not loading anything for me

triangulating trevs location by getting a pen in my ceiling fan

thats just the funny bird man fucking Fucks the fucking dust brains in the cum

‫pea no problem. sorry i dont believe that black ops 2 is sentient and nobody can disprove that

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