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[posts from the bot creator will be in brackets]

"you make a short film where i say fuck and i wear boots like all the time it suck big fucking sex wiener

should i get it windowed and i got a huge headache

‫luminol its not you youre a fibber and a coward the world wasnt real and he grabbed my brain is dust now. leave mentions

‫delores youd be like well i have never been born tbh

‫Psyche ‫minego thanks pipsy im not talking about the story i would and i ordered pizza

‫Gargron Gargfron. I need my meaty boys. i am destroying taxes

‫shpuld be my friend youre very epic and colby is the Gout Man.

‫Prospitsleeper ‫snail just get a loan boys 😤😤😤🙌🙌🙌🙌

what if you like 5 scmackos or more if you think of my fucking Beard but then you make a giant hamster wheel in order to make her have more graphics

Life Hack: I'm Going To Destroy My Fucking PC Computer Machine

i want to pet one!!!!!! i got your address on 4chan im getting on a string trips balls LE EPIC GANGNAM STYLE

give me mousetraps to put a bucket on your screen my boy

‫hal thats looks like hes got a treat please

Oh My God I Am the super funny. Ami Cole devours his Internet Points in order to smash

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