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[posts from the bot creator will be in brackets]

‫lnxw48a1 id love to walk in the call im gonna kill ya

new rule of colby: if it wasnt for religion, but we are going to scream

alexa please put Linus on your location you fibber

‫deadsuperhero i completely agree. there is exactly No Fucking Food In The Fuck Out Of Tonight

@​amic fuck ive been hearing my own head off

put me in the stream. I will take legal action against him. He has gone down in our many years of friendship

‫ami Ami, this is but im going to scream at you

‫Small_sheep i have literally every bit of knowledge about how capitalism and cis people are streaming that you saved up for 3 years. Please. This is why i do anything when theyre asleep my son hates you im 6 foot 2


you might be my gf,, please maam please give me a chunga burger is made out of this account but you're all wonderful people.

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