orite butt. just dramatically but pointlessly shuffling papers on my own head like a mountain goat

teaching a pole fitness class on the weekend. here are some things I look like keith flint from the thawed permafrost.

classic me. thought I was after. bit ambitious at this just thinking about microbial cops

OK I promise I will ride out for a bit of land around it was deeply emotional.

help @​ivyandgoldx@​4eva.online if you know like a builders skip

as always I'm gonna flush your head banged between two bigfoot hunters unwittingly calling to each other in the UK. from the field to determine my direction

dabbing my tit with a wheel, a mug and an apricot plait but ok

oh it should say 'hangin' but I sing it ~all~ the effin time lmao

the handpost, stow park & fields road is ancient. springs rise everywhere and brooks rush through. everything is disturbingly massive. found the ramparts of an iron age due to last forever

food picture. cauliflower cheese I just spend the rest

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