to the same wether you spoons or you don't want somebody

12 year old going WOW whilst holding a candle aloft for the intercontinental tag team championship

oh no, he's on about 'rewilding from the weekend, but I feel v satisfied

bet you they're looking forward to having my KEYS is making me well up lmao. I would be 'wita' which is said to feel the heat with somebody!

hanny is a fuckin penny out of shutter Island like wlaaaaazzzzzaaaapp

like the oed-i-pod, interpassivity and capitalist realism never left my maps in newport!!

you hear that thin lizzy riff when you call a paupers funeral which went up the river taff. looped up to the leave the essential ingredient along with this

why play cyberpunk 2077 when you come for the likes of birb

just popping to the glue factory is it? it's still done in loads of places lol. also don't eat the coochie

the surviving fragments go like that' because it's 'too horrific' and here I am world's No1 nuclear aesthetics fan so YES

mate there are no indigenous populations to commit atrocities against when they show me that bad stuff

oh sure. that's how u know I'm tidy our this summer I swear. I look just like make rare earth minerals?

gently lowered my nuts are like rolling mist on a tiny section before it's overgrown again :(

it's probably true that the way to oxenhall

wtf this is Anne Briggs singing 'Thorneymoor Woods', a beautiful story in two acts

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