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NCT04013698 Withdrawn. Reason given: Due to the COVID epidemics, starting with patient recruitement was not possible.

NCT03647696 Withdrawn. Reason given: Principal Investigator left institution and took the study them.

NCT01474200 Terminated. Reason given: Closed due to patient recruitment challenges. No interim analyses were completed; study closure was not related to any concerns about safety or futility.

NCT03892811 Withdrawn. Reason given: IRB protocol was not approved by Boston Children's Hospital

NCT04137887 Suspended. Reason given: Enrollment suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic

NCT04209179 Terminated. Reason given: Terminated on the basis of the currently uncertain risk-benefit balance for the patients, and the strategic position of the development program

NCT03648879 Terminated. Reason given: Principal Investigator decision to close the study.

NCT03094858 Withdrawn. Reason given: The smartwatches we planned to use were discontinued.

NCT02562534 Terminated. Reason given: There was sufficient data to verify the primary endpoint

NCT01117051 Terminated. Reason given: The study was stopped by the sponsor based on a non-safety related business priority decision

NCT02202434 Terminated. Reason given: RCT/Roll-in completed. CAS/21mm/Nested Registry terminated (investigational device is no longer available)

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