NCT04285905 Terminated. Reason given: Due to Covid-19, fnding period expired and Phase 2 was not possible.

NCT04325633 Terminated. Reason given: Stop inclusions for insufficient recruitment

NCT02687100 Withdrawn. Reason given: Due to instillation site of the cortisone and the development of the related SARS-Cov2 infection, it was preferred to terminate the trial and develop it again without beclomethasone

NCT03168438 Terminated. Reason given: The study was terminated following an internal review of the company's research and development portfolio

NCT03602040 Suspended. Reason given: Awaiting advice from R&D regarding recruitment

NCT02808429 Terminated. Reason given: Study was terminated early as per sponsor decision due to unexpectedly slow enrollment.

NCT04383899 Withdrawn. Reason given: Ibuprofen is not prescribed during coronavirus pandemic, so the study is stopped

NCT02687269 Withdrawn. Reason given: Inability to produce placebo tablets similar to the drug tested

NCT04089761 Terminated. Reason given: Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in the USA on March 2020, all study sites stopped enrolling patients to the study

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