NCT02566759 Terminated. Reason given: The study was terminated by Takeda due to the discomfort observed in the study participants from the CSF collection procedure in Part 3 of the study.

NCT04487808 Withdrawn. Reason given: The study did not enroll any subjects. It was never started because of the Covid pandemic.

NCT02952066 Withdrawn. Reason given: Prior to any participant enrollment, the PI opted to not move forward with the study.

NCT03722459 Suspended. Reason given: Study suspended due to COVID-19 restrictions. Study will be resumed once plans for appropriate social distancing are in place.

NCT01436175 Terminated. Reason given: SPD489 failed to demonstrate a benefit as adjunctive treatment to antidepressants. Termination was not related to any new safety findings.

NCT04496557 Withdrawn. Reason given: The investigators received funding for a near-identical FDA regulated trial before opening this study to enrollment - the IRB requested closure of the unfunded pilot trial to create a new submission.

NCT03389893 Terminated. Reason given: Due to inability to meet accrual goals within the funding period.

NCT00450333 Terminated. Reason given: The termination of the study is not linked to a product recall or result of any safety signal. Rather it was sponsor's commercial decision to withdraw the MA

NCT01363908 Terminated. Reason given: This study was terminated due to treatment stop resulting in an inability to draw conclusions from the data. Evaluation of nonclinical rat findings is ongoing.

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