NCT01328860 Terminated. Reason given: Principal Investigator relocated to Orlando, Florida.

NCT04868435 Suspended. Reason given: Reached initial target number of participants, initial data being assessed, may resume

NCT02455167 Terminated. Reason given: Study stopped due to low accrual and availability of other treatment options

NCT02892097 Terminated. Reason given: Enrolled 1 participant, PI left the institution.

NCT02370719 Terminated. Reason given: Due to the inability to recruit the required number of participants, the study has been terminated.

NCT04164043 Terminated. Reason given: Decision made on 8/16/2021 due to difficult enrollment because of limited access for enrollees during the pandemic and changes in staff

NCT03938272 Terminated. Reason given: Parent, pivotal study (OC5-DB-02) did not meet primary endpoint. No safety concerns for early termination.

NCT03278366 Suspended. Reason given: Suspended secondary to COVID-19 and decreased access to school setting

NCT03781830 Withdrawn. Reason given: Recruiting under the new mDOT clinical trial with PI D Mogul

NCT04950751 Withdrawn. Reason given: sponsor decided to withdrawn the study as development strategy has changed

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