NCT04179721 Suspended. Reason given: COVID-19; study will resume when restrictions are lifted.

NCT01826448 Terminated. Reason given: No activity was observed. BRAFi-naïve participants should have received triple combination treatment (including MEK inhibitor). Continuation was not justified.

NCT03036319 Suspended. Reason given: Enrollment and interactions/interventions are temporarily paused due to COVID-19 and are expected to resume in the future.

NCT04056637 Terminated. Reason given: COVID-19 Impacted Service Delivery and Research Infrastructure

NCT02950181 Terminated. Reason given: Concerns over standard of care and recruiting process. Investigator left UAMS, therefore study halted immediately

NCT00614601 Terminated. Reason given: Sponsor proceeded with a phase III study for same indication.

NCT02532517 Terminated. Reason given: No safety issues; change in innovation strategy

NCT04230720 Suspended. Reason given: Temporarily paused due to COVID-19 and will resume based on guidance of public health authorities. This is not a suspension of IRB approval.

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