NCT03746002 Terminated. Reason given: Insufficient rate of patient enrollment/accrual.

NCT04128293 Terminated. Reason given: GSK investigating manufacturing site malfunction and assessing impact; Study 209713 Early Terminated due to risk of potential contamination of study tablets.

NCT00608894 Terminated. Reason given: Study was discontinued due to slow enrollment

NCT03146663 Terminated. Reason given: Despite the clinical activity observed, the study was stopped due to reduced dose intensity in this heavily pre-treated population with complex comorbidities

NCT04082741 Withdrawn. Reason given: The study is no longer required based on nonclinical drug data

NCT02585791 Terminated. Reason given: due to recent release reports from CDC about lung injury due to vaping, the PI and IRB decided to terminate the study

NCT03820648 Terminated. Reason given: no differences between the groups at the interim analysis

NCT03965689 Suspended. Reason given: Other - pending amendment re: dexamethasone premedication

NCT04227405 Terminated. Reason given: The funding agency (Administration of Children and Families, US Department of Health and Human Services) discontinued the local evaluation

NCT03268694 Terminated. Reason given: Competition with other ongoing projects with this population.

NCT02330328 Withdrawn. Reason given: Collaborator withdrew closing the study prematurely with no participants enrolled

NCT02829749 Withdrawn. Reason given: Because of dynamics in the field of minimal invasive mitral repair and the development of newer devices

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