NCT02287506 Terminated. Reason given: Pilot feasibility for full trial: NCT03737799

NCT02735694 Terminated. Reason given: Analysis of initial sample shows negative results.

NCT02834247 Terminated. Reason given: Lack of efficacy of the drug; no safety concern

NCT00983008 Terminated. Reason given: Too few interns willing to consent to wear the actigraph watches.

NCT03865901 Withdrawn. Reason given: Further product development is needed prior to clinical study testing

NCT00844155 Withdrawn. Reason given: Study has been withdrawn as the H1N1 epidemic made this study redundant

NCT03062540 Terminated. Reason given: Stopped early due to inadequate separation on primary efficacy endpoint at Week 12 according to Interim Analysis conducted on the first 274 (50%) patients.

NCT03377621 Withdrawn. Reason given: Study was not funded, and therefore not conducted

NCT01891357 Terminated. Reason given: Early termination due to significant lack of relevant patient data for evaluation of objectives.

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