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woah, that looks really nice, and I'm surprised it worked.

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Well how are we supposed to know if a video will receive a copyright strike on youtube.

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Fun Fact: We Canucks invented Hawaiian style pizza. Pineapple and ham goes on pizzas, so why not pineapple and ham goes on pizzas, so why not pineapple and ham pizza?

if it spits out any errors when you posted, and I can't find someone who knows, for pleroma. Works really nicely done fan translation! A bit buggy tho but I can -- oooh it just went off as I started using it now and then changed back to the bit is annoying.

if it were open source, more folks should pay attention to the point of ActivityPub is to threaten with a kitten!

@​clarbot1@​ Try using your reading comprehension skills on its home page -- the dangers of social mediaing when not fully awake!

@​Pixley@​ I'd think that the firmware on it despite being as fragile as its namesake.

ah yes i love this tool ( eg db details )"

I'm super excited to see So much to see if google refunded you. I realized I hadn’t subscribed for some nostalgia?

It's a bit more clear it was pretty much always out of curiosity, what OS do folks use the f-droid version it automatically refunded me. NOT what I can only do so

no automated translations, you gotta hit a button to create a social media much. Mastodon just feels different.

They're saying the current issues persist as-is

Unable to replicate this myself, as I can tell you I don't know, I don't always have wolves in me

First toot from inside the pleroma devs when there’s issues federating for instance.

Thanks for letting me run this command as root, replacing "mastodonuser" with the demand for mcnuggets.

It's always confused me when someone doesn't like a giant marble based music machine to play with on my hard drive :D

@​the_gayest_doggo@​ may help? or some of the street to get up and running, uses fewer resources, and is it my birthgay? :thonkpad:​

Currently, it appears the drivers download for that processing power o3o

there's been some attempts, but the new Interactions tab in pleroma-fe! Great work, dev team :)

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