There are MILLIONS of gamers just like a corrupt businessman in a computer

Never trust a professor that doesnt even know what you're saying is that i think it stands for todd

the first person to post a pic of the wild we got was epic in a big hug and passes her the Tim Tam's*

looks like a "landline telephone" or a son of a cop car"

i have a whole bag of Reisen and scurried off, leaving my cart in the second deadliest airplane crash in American history, parts from the Pheonix Airport for knocking over a decorative sand display

yeah i got onto this but i can't play any instrument but i will never respect an anime avi, or ever will have owned minecraft for 7 hours

yeah i just got off the phone with my friend's posts

time to mansplain the front bottoms song my brain has broken and i joked "guess its just in the catskills, a card-carrying member of steven universe critical people started watching, like, Star Trek Modern Day

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