Fascinating insights into the landscape for and companies from @legalpioneer at @Glfhague .twitter.com/7Ho5QbxReA


It's been, uhh, one heck of a week of corruption news.

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MAN it's been a long time since i've done any kind of app layout work. I'm going to sleep now. .twitter.com/dcNJzdVTmb


Interested in how technology can help change politics? Hear the inspiring story of @OmidyarNetwork investee @Meu_Rio / . Click here to listen to this @RevofNecessity podcast bit.ly/RoNEp5 


Depois de 365 dias, 310.350 notícias agregadas, 268.813 visitas, 8.666 likes, e inúmeras horas de trabalho, hoje o completa o seu Primeiro Aniversário!

A todos os nossos leitores, Muito Obrigado! pic.twitter.com/UrkG1MZQcK


Civic Tech Sverige is organising a new meetup in Stockholm. Come to @goto10se on the 5th of September to discuss how technology reshapes political campaigns and elections, in Sweden and abroad! goto10.se/evenemang/civic-tech …


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[replay] "Être citoyen actif même sans voter" : @RomainSlitine @SylvainLapoix @CyrilLage étaient sur @franceinter pour en parler cap-collectif.com/2018/08/20/c … @Parl_Citoyenspic.twitter.com/9KIZvFECsu


Thanks to everyone who voted for our project in the competition. We didn't get it but so thrilled for the amazing and talented people behind @BalangayPH. Congrats, @FreiSangil & team! civictech4democracy.eu/project …


Meet the 'Prototype Fund' - a public program run by @OKFN Germany: Individuals/teams can apply for funding to test their ideas and develop open source tools and applications in the fields of , literacy, data security and more blog.okfn.org/2018/08/22/proto … @TheGoodLobby


⁦@bidscotland⁩ ⁦⁦@ScotlandsTowns⁩ @DavidDowney_IDA⁩ ⁦@bidsinsweden⁩ ⁦@profcathyparker⁩ ⁦@BritishBIDs⁩ governance models with ⁦@alinemuylaert⁩ ⁦⁦@citizenlabco⁩ forbes.com/sites/tudormihailes …


Technology can help change politics. How, you ask? Hear the inspiring story of @OmidyarNetwork investee @Meu_Rio / . Click here to listen to this @RevofNecessity podcast bit.ly/RoNEp5 


Merci @davanac d'avoir partagé à l'audience de la @RTBF des leçons tirées du cas @g0vtw dans l'article à retrouver sur @internetactu bit.ly/2w6EuRb  ! Le podcast est ici : bit.ly/2NbxN6E  pic.twitter.com/FivHdtGJR3


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