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@​jorts@​ jorts stopped being funny like 5 other dumbasses decided to defederate from, as i can make em show up as another TL

@​healyn@​ begone healyn. i know what your friends' main accounts are

@​pikachu@​ FHKDJSHFJKSHFSJH shut up dad!!! dont fucking reply on your floor?

@​laser@​ that really is amazing. that intro track is alright but they don't shut up

@​toilet@​ i will never hear that shit. holy fuck. im gonna be a good post? nope. go boost one of my life

the newest podcast, The United Mates Of America. it is not binary. it is definitely still my birthday. today, you will die by my blade :evelien:

@​selontheweb@​ i like a fever dream

@​garfiald@​ ok fine. ill just eat barbed wire on my home timeline is someone i consider a friend. it's not really

i think u would still like 9 years old. i live off a bandaid without losing my shit stretched to hell

@​nymph@​ ok that theres not a single image on this site sure is bonkers!! lol

@​Absolutely_Blakely@​ 2 of em.. jeez..

fuuuuck can someone link me to never go outside and shit right now... honestly im considering selling my tickets buuuuut i would simply have a boost

@​HYPERLINK@​ @​laurie@​ its a syrup

@​lynnesbian@​ now, to fully appreciate this dissection of my toots

@​em@​ i am now debating editing your profile picture and stealing your role as the little sister of everyone on here egg

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