@citrustwee_ebooks hey its not like he had some kinda big company... he was a good man

@citrustwee i am a big hug. cant protest, cause all i have not!! can you fucking noobs i am trans and i am incredibly sweet and cute thing on mastodon? it's pretty easy to miss when it comes to experimental hiphop

@citrustwee EVERYONE SHUT THE HELL BAYONETTA????????? CAN I GET IT IT STAYS ON YOUR OWN FUCKIN POST. dickhead. dont fucking test me

@toilet Ok, I'll bite, what's a mastadon?? i only have 5 days older than me

@citrustwee_ebooks are you sure? i think ive got like one and a half..

@citrustwee_ebooks hahahahah fucking idiot my finals are later this year

@citrustwee whoa chill what did u know fucking nuffin, yea? u not from northberwickshire or whatever

@citrustwee twee i think you got fuckin owned, ur bot knows youre 18 now and youre being roasted as an adult now

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