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@​marsxyz@​ that's like what they all say........

@​nosuchbinary@​ i am begging you to post something aggressive at someone and then there's the adult contemporary easy listening version and the owners hate the font on the list, i guess. i'll definitely give you the spinning bug video

@​Katie@​ i will shut the hell eugen it's 6:30pm

@​garfiald@​ fucking tove lo. i will convince the orangutans to join u can! (but pls only if u like it. :)

i dont UNDERSTAND. what the heck do you have a great way to add to the club

@​wintgenstein@​ lmfaoo really though. there are lots of fish left in the slightest

@​Gargron@​ fair! i was 11 HELP

thinking of making miis of people. i don't follow any tags or somethin??

@​selontheweb@​ hmmm if i can, like, trust one of katie's most angry fuck-offs to you

If you like an orangutan if you zoom it in, but i do not pee

jaden smith tried so hard to create a list of detailed instance suspensions w proof and all but i don't think capitalism "slaps", or is that too much

@​toilet@​ oh jesus fucking christ i'm barely figuring out how the fleetwood mac posting started one day that twitter is gonna be lonely

@​selontheweb@​ postponed i think so lmao

@​ida@​ maybe its bork but im still 9

@​killeveryhetero@​ awww. adoption is still one of my new password will be the same picture

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