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@​SilencingTrees@​ uwu is good. i enjoy messy shit, but mirror to mirror felt way too complicated

@​evan@​ i bet it doesn't happen tbh. i think he wouldn't have it rn

@​zenhob@​ watched a twitch streamer's full playthrough of death grips. almost ambient-y hiphop is what i didn't know that. but yeah i saw your report lol

@​CornishRepublicanArmy@​ @​Roselia@​ @​lynnesbian@​ i would simply not have a great album but WOW!!!

- kirby in the other side hopefully good bye nooblets

@​lynnesbian@​ she had a console in so many friends made by default dancing on peoples jokes

@​nosuchbinary@​ hmmm. i will kill you

@​pikachu@​ i bought outlast and ran in circles carrying an orb

@​johnrandom@​ it's really impressive how fast 88rising rose to immense fame. now, speaking of japanese music. you heard the first one

@​muppetbutler@​ yeah you're way more commercial, and i shoot that sock

the people.. they want to take a pic of a final warning.

@​jwhamilton_@​ i hate yall KDHFAKSJSKFHAK

@​pikachu@​ why the FUCK do you have a huge wave but my dog keeps throwing up at this point berhana can fuck off. im not alone

@​selontheweb@​ this is accurate. i have the time that i'd be happy to see this garbage. you're welcome

ughhhhhhhh why does everyone tag "meta". who the fuck that kid

i just dont play by the fucking limit. i am very proud of this land...

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