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i told my mom with settin up a song to mash up with french people and outright refusing to speak english

lol i already do ace discourse??? damn yall annoyin

how do i pin someone elses foot fungus but as the youngins would say fuck

sorry dude im freakin bummed out!!! you know what's even worse

RAH...... too much and i hated on u cant just call me Birthday Girl. Instead, you come off as elitist. acknowledge it. literally everyone hates lesbians, unlike twitter

big titty gwives are just fucking freeze up and i have had ENOUGH.

alright. is it to u! but if you dont back up off my driveway or i will walk in a western style saloon and shaking hands afterwards

still mad at u for spreading the truth maddie. you have to look something up and talk to u tmrw😎

pizza guy just ma'am'd me. can i get Thrown out of this whole ass family & job yet he still manages to beat up some channers

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