🔑 Commands
open chest
look cursed (item search)

give dragon food to
(no leading @)
*1 per user per day!

drop cursed

give dragon food to

give dragon food to you@your.instance

*see also: and @shop_keeper

📦Moving accounts
give everything to

*Once only!

feed dragon
name dragon gus
look dragon
pet dragon
play with dragon

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@chest_bot A Laserdisc of Bladerunner. 💽
💰💰 53 gold

A copper clockwork fruit bat.
💰💰 25 gold

🔸 Exotic Weapon:
Remarkable quality, gray Electromagnetic Shotgun 🔫
💰💰 465 gold

🔹 Legendary Armor:
Very old, white pair of mirror shades 🛡
💰💰 81 gold

🔹 Rare Armor:
Unusual, pastel green pair of mirror shades 🛡
💰💰 56 gold

@vgan Thanks for your purchase! Your new item has been delivered to your chest bot inventory:
A Laserdisc of Bladerunner. 💽

@International The chest pops open quickly revealing:
◽️ Common Clothing:
Very old, pastel green denim scarf 🧣

@travis The chest dematerializes after you unlock it revealing its contents:
A large pizza with pepperoni 🍕

@seliph The chest slams open to reveal:
◽️ Common Armor:
Ornately decorated, flat black tactical fedora 🛡

@seliph The chest vanishes, revealing its contents:
A Betamax Tape of Harold and Maude . 📼

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