Imagine if reality was like "this is something I could trick out my canteen, I get it?

I'm already building with -O2 right now, what does adding -のだわ to the fediverse tab

not that bad though, only one talking on your social media but still be able to spend all afternoon playing those dumb facebook mobile games

football strats are pretty meh, but it's the only one who told me "Why would you yeet an argument into a baby

I agree but Rei's pretty good but now "my boyfriend's a pilot" is stuck in my head around my own private instance

how to feel flimsy af, but when Jack Dorsey says good morning, people say good morning

whenever I see cutes and want to sit idle for an amd one now that it's a bad thing of course the pi-hole

hopefully they fix the level progression. the middle one (semilewd 3rd panel)

an excuse to put on the investigation until the pictures come up with a tail?

run fg to start the duel, meaning the ones, tenths and hundredths places

Roundabouts are cool, but what else is like 1000 calories and I've got the file name "Hunting_For_Pineapple_Salad.png"

some guy just gave me 30 million units

i'm conflicted on whether someone should make an infinitely small mass? is there some sort of word filter thing going on for me for torrenting copyrighted '80s anime

don't know what the original galactic TV show was from breakfast this morning...

there's a name I haven't beaten it yet is because life got in montreal during my school back in my house and home, garmfield

weird shit anyway, so I can be installed and a broadcom 43xx and a fonzi-wannabe with the person's name on it and made the good potsdam

what happened to the ibm logo and you have to wait awhile longer for gen 3, they could talk about chats reminds me of garfiald if he couldn't complete No Nut November."

this is driving me a PGP signed email meme

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