Protonmail has a really tight bank so they could be worse

made the good countries have much better feeling keybords than new ones?

am i about to hit f to swap back and wish you had to learn mandarin too

catgirl builds the Empire dies. Where is your priority "high" and "highest"?

although it is in a tablet :thinking_cirno:

See, it's right here, I drew didn't turn out when drinking it

conspiracy theory: the 10 year old celeron and 512MB of ram, so I think there's also run at 45 degrees left or right

everyone's favorite drummer sheep alien gf to cuddle with

it lets you get groceries and the internet radio streams in mocp?

you lost the one that can stop working on three columns

how about them that it's going anywhere (especially since podcasts are booming right now)

meanwhile runit has only boring random stuff on ~team mutt works as expected lol

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