The union representing Ontario high school teachers wants the government to revert back to class sizes of 22 students, eliminate e-learning courses and ensure Bill 124 will not impede free collective bargaining.

The Geminid meteor shower can produce more than 100 meteors an hour in ideal conditions. Your best bet to catch a glimpse? Head far from the light pollution of the city.

Montreal-based lawyer Andrea Vaitzner advises travellers to clean their phones and laptops of anything they don't want U.S. border officials to read — and to instead save those documents in cloud storage.

UPDATE: Police believe the shooting did not take place at the gas station itself, but instead along the southbound Highway 400. Southbound lanes are now closed from Steeles Avenue to Finch Avenue for the investigation.


BREAKING: 3 people seriously injured after shooting in Toronto's west end, police say.

Elementary school teachers will not collect money for school-based activities except those for charity, participate in performance appraisals, or post learning goals in the classroom if an administrator asks.

Ontario's education minister fired back, saying the government has already made reasonable offers at the negotiating table.

Dozens gathered outside the damaged building to call for answers to their questions on Saturday.

The research concludes that while dogs might not know the actual meaning of a word, they can still identify it — something that was previously thought to be a uniquely human trait.

Elementary school teachers will also stop sending letters and memos from schools and boards.

The five-alarm fire at 235 Gosford Blvd., near Jane Street and Steeles Avenue West, killed one person, injured six others and displaced about 700 residents.

Two Canadian lawyers explain the limits of the U.S. court decision on the power to search electronic devices.

In advance of the busy holiday travel season, the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority has laid out some of the items it has confiscated recently as a reminder to travellers who don't want to lose any of their valuables.

This snack, which is El Diablito or "the little devil" in Spanish, will go on sale in Canada in January. The dried fish product is already raising questions about whether other invasive species can be turned into food.

A new survey has found that more than 60 per cent of Canadian workers will get some kind of reward from their employer this holiday season, but for most, it won't be money.

Olay Omodara came to Canada from Nigeria in 2011 with her two-year-old son. She struggled until she connected with some of the agencies being supported through CBC's Sounds of the Season fundraiser. Find out about how you can support GTA food banks here:


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