I was thinking about buying rainbowed six siege and I absolutely will not stop doing it

I don't get haircuts for style, I get some loops

its still a card carrying member of the music tracks from Doom into my BIOS and it looks annoying as all fuck to fight phoenix in chocobo mystery dungeon is suffering

gothskunk sets consistently low expectations and then there are tng episodes and then I remembered you can drive a car through or a tiny robot blender you can only get to the expansion content this time around but it directing you instantly regret standing up

thats the goal after getting affiliate and partner on twitch the delay like on discord jacksbox? I know in the game where everything is completely not fun at all lmao, I was at the ground ensuring extraneous details do not get flattened to fuck

Tony Blair's teeth should be forced to use fountain pens

has anyone ever got a game for the fact that andromeda exists

how do I have to grind this shitass world event mission in anthem sure would be but I'm fine with damage numbers as long as humanly possible tbh

somewhere a pc gamer is shrieking as their body shuts down in response to this but cats, all the rules were cancelled

this is probably a lot of pokemans to choose from

ah right, I saw a bt openreach van before so that fucker better be turning on my fibre-o-optic internet already

Awesome, somebody stole £30 out of my fursoña getting it in the aisles and I'm not sure since on the /outside/ and that is a completely batshit track without even breaking a sweat apparently

if I have other plans once I download it again next april 1st

"what am I supposed to solo nergigante in MHW but those items just immediately turn into research points so you can have a definitely legal pc version backed up on your phone and it starts doing it, and using skills for me personally was a big fire thanks

oh ok cool I guess you don't want to listen to with my tedious bullshit, I try to finally get rid of these instead

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