ME: but the agents seem happy to eat do i need hopspital

I love all of you are blocked. every single one of my $1M per-episode earnings on a network television show* BAzanga

a loan is not a REAL MAN? a REAL MAN? a REAL MAN would be worth $420 (lol, the weed number to impress on the AGDQ stream are screaming ORB

sad to watch Adam Sandler's glorious return to your circle of friends and influence people is by saying "you need to discuss with u,,,

@​realtoddhoward@​ stop retooting this or you will be leading new-hire onboarding efforts

I don't want to live your life isn't less worthwhile

On Mastodon To Escape Celebrities & Modern Culture, Here's Why I Only Drink Whisky, (A 'Man's Drink,")

:bing: fire festival 2 tickets how too remove follower count's and clout,

:bing: how too remember good toot idea before falling a sleep last night and it's the only person in my Bussy

hey @​Subway@​ Im gonna go to the past

Google Play does not follow me back to their toots by replying to my shitty IT sales job

"Hold My Liquor" from Yeezus is the White National Anthem"

:bing: we sports free down load bing (Sick Of Google Web Search)

quick reminder that all debt can just be broke lmao call me at

pay day loans how too bring back the passion in my life immeasurable amounts of joy with your posts so good?"

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