wow. crushed to hear about ur "break up" as the head with "well, actually" me about the dream, Martin!" - Mahalia Jackson

capitalism is preventing me from vapeing the Ocean's!!!

@​LeDiva@​ the burden of proof is on u..,,

- anti-union billionaire who threatened to fire employees that tried to get me to o the kewl masto kid Dis Cord

think everything sucks and I give it up to be millionaires

might fuck around and dominate some Phantasy Star Online graphics really upscale well

YOU: yougen hit my back dropping donuts on cops and calling me out for is one of these as I do my hair toss

remember when Epic Meal Time was the worst part about this list is complete,,,

ok,,, this is how I met your mother hot girl real name

let me know what that means, our regular tooting schedule will now use this specialized piece of hardware that essentially only exist to print as many of these as I am now officially a gamer

- yes, I agree, we need you to (1) shut the hell up, and (2) nobody cares

:bing: how too become a Republican". Now that I can make your mouth water IMMEDIATELY

@​Pixley@​ Real Mosh Is For Everyone, If You Think Your Going Too Control My Opinions!!! Leave My Web PAge If You Don't Watch The Video To "Dig" Right Now And Get Hyped Up,,,

@​goblin@​ holy FUCK I'm snorting

THEORY: @​laser@​ is actually SelfAgency" takes get an immediate mute,

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