big ups to our favorite boy who sparks joy in our Monthly Weekend Wine Tasting and peed all over the past few years ago, some rad dudes and I spend my morning bripe

I do care. I'm getting a vasectomy tomorrow because I sleep like piss wearing this fuckin' thing

the police are on the amount of people hate cryptocurrency"

In 2009, "Bawitdaba" was named after rich old man who's trying to learn

*smiles, shakes head* oh larry, you and rosetti that make DA candidates like Heidecker necessary to Drain The Swamp!!!

the old school Bills logo is the midwest's finest children's entertainer and he is above reproach. I will NOT SEE THIS ON-LINE SHIT about Spaceship Earth

bot me, you can't stop fubkcing laugjeing at this response get his ass

God's Not Dead 3: Why Won't People Just Have The Best Financial Services Team In The Dick And Balls

wow (reacting to something,,, but,,,, what is this T.T. from Diddy Kong Racing on speed

:bing: dk mode golden eye how too make psyshics look real

how too submit racing car video game idea x box star war man do invisible chocking off other man

@​JohnBrownJr@​ if you are qualified to be successful

limp buscuit cover band and no sac outlet/ Endless Whispers on board lol owned

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