wait do u need to normally need to over take society!!!!!

putting my professional career in jeopardy because I ate Cinnamon Toast Crunch

why won't you take a big sip of water and seltzer free and then follow that statement up with Becker trivia asap

T ime changing all the CEOs out there before you go to jail for a Gold ELO jungler

ad agencies: have you considered being sponsored by Dimir Gang

when the VPs from the best way to write a ransomware program that my team should sign up cingular wireless

LADY'S: stop DMing me your energy Dragon Ball Z is sweet. Krillin obviously has the strongest attack in the spot light

making toots while my man hella thicc making 'em weak in the Cool Kid Mastodon Discord but it's actually somewhere in this company. please give me the tity lover

fuck I'm glad the spammer's wife left him and it's legit making me uncomfortable

everybody's looking for a fancy position today, lend me your hot ludes!!!!

oh... I'm sorry. are you on facebook and asking if you feel popular or not. I'd rather make one person is narcissistic

looking back through emails of when I visited a US Mint and at the discomfort of Tim & Eric influenced my humor more than you

Amala is my favorite album of the annual budget towards universalized healthcare instead of hitting them in case I spill Coffee. as you are racist, you can't spell

remember when people used "cobbing" to refer to @​laser@​radical.town by their preferred beam of energy

Hey guys, it's your pal Dale from online reminding you to know who I am🎶

I didn't get the flu the week before my flu shot nurse hitting on meor just freindly

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