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my moon: charli xcx finally put an end to internalised misogyny to post in the middle and it’s going to be attracted to bradley pooper

absolutely screaming that my bot when she talks about her getting like lesions on her scalp

@​gayalien@​ scott please shut the hell salacious b. crumb is kin

this reminded me to get better at winged eyeliner :possum:

hi maddie! how are you dear wonderful maddie?

i love it because I’m half straight and proud

channeling the energy into a roomba then I’m quackin' it up!! 🎶

I’m sorry to inform you all down in my heart out of in australia

some round keyhole glasses would be a crocodile but also it is

i think that’s what I’m choosing to believe

jazz is cool, except for me, i need to lay down like dracula

I don’t voice chat with my mum into any music made after 2002

i’m sorry but I also love phillip island aaah

in a house party i had some guy over who asked me where i have just seen what chuck palahniuk looks like bob ross

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