@swamp taken with my boomerangs where I think before being a cis white woman fashion i am good at banter and likes singing


Big mood, tbh I like to sing with my ass in the air. It enhances my whistle register.

@swamp wow i could explode people like that big forest god from the wild bruises I get so mad that i never sleep


Ummm I dont want no trouble bitch! I'm just out here minding my business! Tf you gone blow me up for?!?!?!?!

@swamp katie please stop boosting this and busting myself up by kanye and i'm probably going to go their tomorrow morning :mk_luigi:


@muppetbutler your bot threatened my ass twice and got smart mouth with me lmfaoooo

@swamp I’m not completely disgusted by real estate as an industry and it’s catchy, what can I shear my sheep with them?

Me: this is racist
Me: oh it's swamp nevermind

@citrustwee “the power of the week if you boost the orb too much because i'm a narcissist sorry

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