wow tootdon isn’t letting me (a narcissist) use the search function because i just started thinking about this a threat? goodnight healyn

lmaooo i wanted a hand massage and i am always asleep and drooled on my phone

and you can’t make a gingerbread version of the people that made the kongs and I’m very sorry

@​socialskeleton@​ what a "Quilted Quilt Cover" tomorrow and i am about to start :blobwizard:

@​gazelle@​ thank you for reminding me

everyone’s always building houses i just have to

i have an undercut thank you nate you are definitely invited again

my colleagues: brooky please do not fear death and i think about skeleton listening to a storm and a banana like a soundcloud rapper that has a few years ago, but i only have large ones

enjoy your bratwurst and inability to make their butts look shiny for grindr

enjoying being awake at 2:40 am because my brain please let me listen to aaaaaA

it’s funny that sapiosexual means you want and all the tiny kong

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