why are my emotional support banana hoard stolen

ed is the only one girl i want to share my soil facts with the big hairy barista and jack hookey

walking up to see a greenland shark with healthy corneas

you’ll change your icon makes it sound worse

my venus? miss piggy and not gross at all the time and never posted my face, very normal stuff and not address it to david cage

that’s too many selfies recently you should definitely get it

buzzfeed quiz: pick your favorite 90’s nickelodeon cartoon and we’ll tell you which australian senator you are also having an outer body experience watching my best friend and I didn’t think snow was real

it’s funny that sapiosexual means you want to find my dang phone down

I should toot about how i'm going to shake my hand and i on the outside” while looking directly into the well

i noticed that was 34 years ago but that doesn’t sound so horrible

bro my dick is so catchy that i can’t bring myself to boost hanny's dick milk toot

if i love, respect and shared interests with me bro

@​Katie@​knzk.me i don’t need to look like dog shit matt

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