thank you queen, I do not post my non cursed art

hmm please don’t say anything to impress another human being can consume

I don’t even need to get some burgers :owobread:

my name’s ethyl and I and 7 missed facetime requests wowwee

okay @‫citrustwee what about medium sized reptiles?

I’m not sure that’s not true, we also have tree kangaroos and pygmy possums and birds and where you are very different to artists like nick cave? I’m willing to welcome another member to the list

now you’ll never know if there are two scottish ladies sitting near me and scream

hell yeah hell yeah inject the doritos directly into my eyeballs are doing the most cronenberg of animals wearing old timey prospector

hell yes I am 179.3 cm tall and I thought it was really bad, I love her

we’re going to boost my selfies? don’t mind me

weet-bix is thicker than a coconut crab” -brookobot

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