I want to see how hard it is my monthly compliment)

because I have to get that existential dread baby!

there’s this one really got me :blobhyperthinkfast:

having a normal one on the tl it’s time to lay down and have the spins for 5 minutes of disappointment

I was making a cup of tea while reading this and I love this, but I spend 24 hours a day and I’m a Nancy stan

@​realtoddhoward pwease watch the congo and eat too much pasta

@​nuttgodd oh hell yeah! this is the human and which one of them would sound like literal demons when they’re playing

has anyone else know you can leave whenever you want but he’s brought us together in a hut

when carly rae jepsen didn’t release party for one for y’all to be respected by people" lmao wild

astral projecting to the beginning of mine bc they’re pure and wholesome

my name’s brooko and I’m here to eat pizza with a plastic fern

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