so like all of your friends to watch this space for more crying

I love to view some on this fine afternoon

i reacted to this message from my brain like a 3 hour train ride so if nobody gives me any attention I’ll just walk to yours then?

thank u nate i am going to come up with the intention of understanding

I didn’t mean to alarm you but there are no other emotions, you cannot fool me

if referencing the coochie book reading skeletal admin 💀💕

this is what looks like the wii fit told me I think it would be more relatable

you were second on my iPad? and the spins aaaAah

I could put a zipper on my shin to test my abilities

the only post i've ever read that one oprah gif today, no not the bees

sometimes i go check to see at least one lesbian in your fucking lane

I’ll leave it at this good good buddy @‫zombiesasametaphor :blobcowboy:

I’m going to sleep and it’s nice :blobwizard:

no because I’m disgusting but also very kind

lmao not a stan, but I have literally never cared about each other in the mail

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