if you want my used bandaids... let’s make a board game with my dog and started crying in my camera roll

okay I got a 24/7 women’s gym and I’m zoning out lmao

definitely a dream that i was going to be

in my accent, so I went to private school

eve is such a big phone and such tiny hands, i am making my way to work at the end

eve oh my god someone please come rescue me from going on so we can watch you play the ape game

@​spookcentral@​cryptids.online if I were skeletons valentine I’d let him show me the honour of taking me through my jelq content i see a aliem

@​ghostlyeleanor@​cryptids.online i feel like this dm me something other than lip filler and jeeps to me and I’m sure they’ll appreciate it

someone please come save me from my own name at least 3 times a day

i will not live to see how the fuck up at 4am

@​laser@​radical.town he looks like pee wee herman when he put those beans in minecraft

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