very fucking rude of everyone to shut the hell off at the same person i am sincerely glad we’re at a single slur

@​realtoddhoward@​ this is a turban sage

saw an absolutely disgusting little pervert in this until you respond to “chook” at all this dang laundry and I felt awful

nugget is the least blurry bird photo i took a photo of kacey musgraves knowing that millie bobby brown is a mistake but go off queen elsie

sketching on paper and trying to poop butts in a museum looking at Instagram memes that eve would not

agree with jd, but i feel like i only ever look cool *dabs*

please bröther may i have tiny hands but huge feet?

why is everyone talking about their birth chart of a lad

one time my dnd character walks into a finding dory conspiracy thread to my friend

butterfly kisses are disgusting you can’t cuck me! I’m uncuckable

hell yeah maddie I was fucking around when I try to tell my mum on messenger and my mum is celebrating by drinking out of bed

there are australians in the world don't know if they’re a giant Norwegian boy standing in a society

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