570 @bonequest #2044 bonequesthifi.com/2044 by sabo, @pokeythepenguin, @grilldos: whoops we're a few days late for indigenous peoples' day

568 @bonequest #1874 bonequesthifi.com/1874 by the artist formerly known as @usbhumpdog, @grilldos: piss crimes at bonequest high

566 @bonequest #1807 bonequesthifi.com/1807 by someone from escondido, @grilldos: you ever throw together a hifi you're sure you've done before?

564 @bonequest S1 bonequesthifi.com/531 by someone in galena mo, @grilldos: can't wait to find out what happens to jesso pink man

563 @bonequest S8 bonequesthifi.com/1538 by someone in saginaw mi, @grilldos: took almost a year and a half for us to hire professionals to parse this bad audio we kept hearing.

562 @bonequest #4934 bonequesthifi.com/4934 by @OnlyWednesdayMu, @McMarshakk, @biggiesmalls: We are like the dreamer who dreams, and then lives inside the dream.

554 @bonequest #1002 bonequesthifi.com/1002 by @astrobstrd: a happy belated 21st to bonequest from me and my lack of an at-home pop filter

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