excuse #55:

Plumber mistook routing panel for decorative wall fixture

excuse #348:

We're on Token Ring, and it looks like the token got loose.

excuse #368:

Failure to adjust for daylight savings time.

excuse #54:

Evil dogs hypnotised the night shift

excuse #225:

It's those computer people in X {city of world}. They keep stuffing things up.

excuse #232:

Ionization from the air-conditioning

excuse #57:

Groundskeepers stole the root password

excuse #146:

Communications satellite used by the military for star wars.

excuse #154:

You can tune a file system, but you can't tune a fish (from most tunefs man pages)

excuse #3:

electromagnetic radiation from satellite debris

excuse #382:

Someone was smoking in the computer room and set off the halon systems.

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