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UPS interrupted the server's power

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I had an UPS that did that. Every time the power went out it would delay like half a second before switching to battery, resulting in my PC rebooting.

What part of "Uninterruptible" do you not understand, stupid thing! 🤬

@rick_777 @bofh_excuses Can be a dodgy UPS, or maybe it's actually a dodgy computer power supply. The Intel ATX power standard actually requires the system to stay alive for at least 17 milliseconds in a power loss to allow a UPS to switch over. Anyway, it's probably it's still the UPS, cheap offline UPS units are not known for quality - I also know a hilarious UPS story - every week it does a periodic self-test, like others, but the switchover is not properly timed, causing the power to fail every time.

@rick_777 @bofh_excuses If the UPS fails, everything fails, sometimes worse than not using a UPS. No wonder why industrial systems use double-redundant UPS units.

yeah it was a crappy ups. Bought another brand and problem solved.

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