excuse #121:

halon system went off and killed the operators.

excuse #81:

Please excuse me, I have to circuit an AC line through my head to get this database working.

excuse #173:

Recursive traversal of loopback mount points

excuse #240:

Too many little pins on CPU confusing it, bend back and forth until 10-20% are neatly removed. Do _not_ leave metal bits visible!

excuse #169:

broadcast packets on wrong frequency

excuse #216:

What office are you in? Oh, that one. Did you know that your building was built over the universities first nuclear research site? And wow, aren't you the lucky one, your office is right over where the core is buried!

excuse #103:

operators on strike due to broken coffee machine

excuse #248:

Too much radiation coming from the soil.

excuse #380:

Operators killed when huge stack of backup tapes fell over.

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