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Add your ideas for excuses in the age of cloud computing to this etherpad:

excuse #403:

Sysadmin didn't hear pager go off due to loud music from bar-room speakers.

excuse #273:

The cord jumped over and hit the power switch.

excuse #106:

The electrician didn't know what the yellow cable was so he yanked the ethernet out.

excuse #185:

system consumed all the paper for paging

excuse #324:

Your packets were eaten by the terminator

excuse #333:

A plumber is needed, the network drain is clogged

excuse #122:

because Bill Gates is a Jehovah's witness and so nothing can work on St. Swithin's day.

excuse #397:

T-1's congested due to porn traffic to the news server.

excuse #373:

Suspicious pointer corrupted virtual machine

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