excuse #70:

nesting roaches shorted out the ether cable

I have a new colleague.

@dofh_excuses is posting DevOps from Hell () excuses that explain why your cloud server is not working.

excuse #79:

Look, buddy: Windows 3.1 IS A General Protection Fault.

excuse #359:

YOU HAVE AN I/O ERROR -> Incompetent Operator error

excuse #247:

Due to Federal Budget problems we have been forced to cut back on the number of users able to access the system at one time. (namely none allowed....)

excuse #219:

Recursivity. Call back if it happens again.

excuse #289:

Interference between the keyboard and the chair.

excuse #417:

Computer room being moved. Our systems are down for the weekend.

excuse #398:

Data for intranet got routed through the extranet and landed on the internet.

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