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Add your ideas for excuses in the age of cloud computing to this etherpad:

excuse #346:

Your/our computer(s) had suffered a memory leak, and we are waiting for them to be topped up.

excuse #197:

I'm sorry a pentium won't do, you need an SGI to connect with us.

excuse #337:

the butane lighter causes the pincushioning

excuse #405:

Sysadmins unavailable because they are in a meeting talking about why they are unavailable so much.

excuse #317:

Internet exceeded Luser level, please wait until a luser logs off before attempting to log back on.

excuse #203:

Write-only-memory subsystem too slow for this machine. Contact your local dealer.

excuse #230:

Lusers learning curve appears to be fractal

excuse #44:

bank holiday - system operating credits not recharged

excuse #368:

Failure to adjust for daylight savings time.

excuse #11:

magnetic interference from money/credit cards

excuse #54:

Evil dogs hypnotised the night shift

excuse #46:

waste water tank overflowed onto computer

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