excuse #171:

NOTICE: alloc: /dev/null: filesystem full

excuse #167:

excessive collisions & not enough packet ambulances

excuse #221:

The mainframe needs to rest. It's getting old, you know.

excuse #143:

had to use hammer to free stuck disk drive heads.

excuse #97:

Small animal kamikaze attack on power supplies

excuse #259:

Someone's tie is caught in the printer, and if anything else gets printed, he'll be in it too.

excuse #379:

We've picked COBOL as the language of choice.

excuse #422:

Someone else stole your IP address, call the Internet detectives!

excuse #3:

electromagnetic radiation from satellite debris

excuse #52:

Smell from unhygienic janitorial staff wrecked the tape heads

excuse #209:

Only people with names beginning with 'A' are getting mail this week (a la Microsoft)

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