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Add your ideas for excuses in the age of cloud computing to this etherpad:

excuse #151:

Some one needed the powerstrip, so they pulled the switch plug.

excuse #80:

That's a great computer you have there; have you considered how it would work as a BSD machine?

excuse #246:

It must have been the lightning storm we had (yesterday) (last week) (last month)

excuse #185:

system consumed all the paper for paging

excuse #197:

I'm sorry a pentium won't do, you need an SGI to connect with us.

excuse #306:

CPU-angle has to be adjusted because of vibrations coming from the nearby road

excuse #108:

The air conditioning water supply pipe ruptured over the machine room

excuse #262:

Our POP server was kidnapped by a weasel.

excuse #67:

descramble code needed from software company

excuse #432:

Borg nanites have infested the server

excuse #393:

Interference from the Van Allen Belt.

excuse #152:

My pony-tail hit the on/off switch on the power strip.

excuse #343:

The ATM board has run out of 10 pound notes. We are having a whip round to refill it, care to contribute ?

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