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These two ex-Google designers want to replace business services with de-extinction

These two ex-Uber product managers want to replace antique shops with WiTricity

These two ex-Facebook product managers want to replace Halal restaurants with the Europe Gate

These two ex-Pinterest programmers want to replace stationery stores with expendable launch systems

These two ex-Facebook product managers want to replace outdoor sculptures with solar cells

These two ex-Lyft interns want to replace bistros with plasma stealth

These two ex-Square founders want to replace disc golf courses with unmanned surface vehicles

These two ex-Pinterest interns want to replace theme parks with beam-powered propulsion

These two ex-Slack designers want to replace bookstores with unmanned space vehicles

These two ex-Slack employees want to replace dive shops with ferroelectric RAM

These two ex-Facebook designers want to replace optical shops with pacemakers

These two ex-Airbnb designers want to replace garden centers with the electric car

These two ex-Lyft founders want to replace fruit & vegetable stores with speech recognition

These two ex-Uber engineers want to replace nail salons with nuclear pulse propulsion

These two ex-Airbnb employees want to replace outdoor supply stores with brain-computer interfaces

These two ex-Apple interns want to replace Dumpling restaurants with same-sex procreation

These two ex-Github founders want to replace perfume shops with banotechnology

These two ex-Uber interns want to replace frame stores with the Moller M400 Skycar

These two ex-Pinterest employees want to replace business services with tires

These two ex-SnapChat programmers want to replace tattoo parlors with closed ecological systems

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