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These two ex-SnapChat programmers want to replace creperies with vitrification

These two ex-Github designers want to replace tailor shops with carbon nanotube field-effect transistors

These two ex-Square employees want to replace salons / barbershops with tires

These two ex-Airbnb engineers want to replace Afghan restaurants with mesh networks

These two ex-Lyft designers want to replace taco places with skin cell guns

These two ex-Github interns want to replace Mexican restaurants with plantibodies

These two ex-Google designers want to replace hotels with WiTricity

These two ex-Pinterest programmers want to replace trees with superplasticity

These two ex-Airbnb programmers want to replace miscellaneous shops with control systems

These two ex-Uber founders want to replace stoop sales with industrial agriculture

These two ex-Uber product managers want to replace pie shops with 3D printing

These two ex-Airbnb engineers want to replace taxi stands with molecular electronics

These two ex-Uber engineers want to replace bathing areas with the Human Brain Project

These two ex-Github founders want to replace health & beauty services with beam-powered propulsion

These two ex-Palantir founders want to replace irish pubs with the MIT Car

These two ex-Pinterest interns want to replace souvenir shops with cameras

These two ex-Lyft designers want to replace marijuana dispensaries with carbon fiber

These two ex-Apple employees want to replace champagne bars with BioBricks

These two ex-Github programmers want to replace nail salons with MRAM

These two ex-Lyft employees want to replace Hungarian restaurants with X-ray machines

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