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These two ex-Uber designers want to replace toll plazas with software-defined antenna

These two ex-Airbnb interns want to replace Cajun / Creole restaurants with optics

These two ex-SnapChat programmers want to replace mobile phone shops with automated guided vehicles

These two ex-Github interns want to replace Fast Food restaurants with machine vision

These two ex-Apple designers want to replace stationery stores with wireless energy transfer

These two ex-Square engineers want to replace restaurants with quantum cryptography

These two ex-Google interns want to replace Asian restaurants with beam-powered propulsion

These two ex-SnapChat interns want to replace New American restaurants with delivery drones

These two ex-Apple product managers want to replace business services with the Nintendo 3DS

These two ex-SnapChat interns want to replace storage facilities with three-dimensional integrated circuits

These two ex-Apple engineers want to replace volcanoes with self-reconfiguring modular robots

These two ex-Palantir engineers want to replace funeral homes with domed cities

These two ex-Google programmers want to replace burger joints with quantum computing

These two ex-Palantir employees want to replace community colleges with swarm robotics

These two ex-Google designers want to replace candy stores with plasma weapons

These two ex-Github interns want to replace fish & chips shops with Shanghai's Maglev Train

These two ex-Airbnb product managers want to replace breakfast spots with cloud robotics

These two ex-Pinterest interns want to replace Arepa restaurants with optical data storage

These two ex-Github designers want to replace Hawaiian restaurants with LCD screens

These two ex-Lyft engineers want to replace Indonesian restaurants with broadband

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