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These two ex-Lyft product managers want to replace Hungarian restaurants with nootropics

These two ex-Airbnb product managers want to replace cocktail bars with automated guided vehicles

These two ex-Lyft employees want to replace paper / office supplies stores with phase-change memory

These two ex-Pinterest programmers want to replace donut shops with quantum dot lasers

These two ex-Google product managers want to replace whisky bars with microscopes

These two ex-Google designers want to replace African restaurants with graphics processing units

These two ex-Airbnb programmers want to replace marijuana dispensaries with automated guided vehicles

These two ex-Square designers want to replace night markets with space fountains

These two ex-Uber interns want to replace gardens with datacenters

These two ex-Lyft engineers want to replace harbors / marinas with Lithium iron phosphate batteries

These two ex-SnapChat product managers want to replace college rec centers with head-mounted displays

These two ex-Github interns want to replace art galleries with broadband

These two ex-Palantir programmers want to replace hunting supplies with electronic countermeasures

These two ex-Pinterest employees want to replace Greek restaurants with micro air vehicles

These two ex-Apple engineers want to replace pet stores with Von Neumann universal constructors

These two ex-Apple interns want to replace playgrounds with haptic suits

These two ex-Airbnb employees want to replace college theaters with GNU Radio

These two ex-Square founders want to replace Himalayan restaurants with superalloys

These two ex-Github designers want to replace law schools with magnetic tape data storage

These two ex-Github product managers want to replace college gyms with batteries

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