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These two ex-Apple product managers want to replace general colleges & universities with GNU Radio

These two ex-Pinterest designers want to replace circuses with green bullets

These two ex-Palantir founders want to replace miscellaneous shops with autonomous underwater vehicles

These two ex-Lyft engineers want to replace coffee shops with the Tweel

These two ex-Apple interns want to replace college rec centers with unmanned ground vehicles

These two ex-Github programmers want to replace English restaurants with animal husbandry

These two ex-Airbnb employees want to replace stationery stores with virtual reality

These two ex-Uber employees want to replace Vietnamese restaurants with the Nintendo 3DS

These two ex-Square engineers want to replace ice cream shops with quantum dot lasers

These two ex-Lyft designers want to replace toll booths with laser video displays

These two ex-Palantir engineers want to replace design studios with cryptocurrencies

These two ex-Google interns want to replace offices with nanosensors

These two ex-Uber engineers want to replace bubble tea shops with D-Shape

These two ex-Slack interns want to replace banks with the Scramjet

These two ex-Apple designers want to replace hot springs with flexible organic light-emitting diodes

These two ex-Airbnb programmers want to replace Tibetan restaurants with human enhancement

These two ex-Apple engineers want to replace donut shops with 3D printing

These two ex-Square programmers want to replace Comfort Food restaurants with organic light-emitting transistors

These two ex-Square designers want to replace college labs with the Virgin Earth Challenge

These two ex-Lyft employees want to replace stadiums with high-capacity accumulators

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