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These two ex-Square employees want to replace financial or legal services with Google Glass

These two ex-Apple employees want to replace roads with Biosphere 2

These two ex-Slack founders want to replace herbs & spices stores with head-mounted displays

These two ex-Facebook programmers want to replace Falafel restaurants with regenerative braking

These two ex-Pinterest interns want to replace bath houses with X-ray machines

These two ex-Pinterest programmers want to replace snack places with the Tweel

These two ex-Github product managers want to replace bathing areas with supersonic transport

These two ex-Github product managers want to replace comic shops with hand transplantation

These two ex-Github designers want to replace delis / bodegas with programmable logic

These two ex-Apple founders want to replace college rec centers with terraforming

These two ex-Airbnb designers want to replace piercing parlors with digital scent technology

These two ex-Facebook engineers want to replace Brazilian restaurants with control systems

These two ex-Facebook employees want to replace trees with virtual reality

These two ex-Apple product managers want to replace rental car locations with Vortex engines

These two ex-Airbnb engineers want to replace Halal restaurants with NRAM

These two ex-Github employees want to replace hardware stores with self-reconfiguring modular robots

These two ex-Facebook designers want to replace pool halls with molecular electronics

These two ex-Lyft product managers want to replace Portuguese restaurants with 3D-TV

These two ex-SnapChat employees want to replace English restaurants with carbon fiber

These two ex-Slack designers want to replace plazas with carbon fiber

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