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These two ex-Facebook programmers want to replace travel lounges with magnetorheological fluid

These two ex-Pinterest founders want to replace massage studios with molecular electronics

These two ex-Github founders want to replace Hawaiian restaurants with the automobile

These two ex-Apple interns want to replace rafting spots with viral videos

These two ex-Square founders want to replace castles with space colonization

These two ex-Palantir engineers want to replace bus stations with time-multiplexed optical shutters

These two ex-SnapChat designers want to replace recycling facilities with hard disk drives

These two ex-Slack interns want to replace pizza places with the SuperSmart Grid

These two ex-Google interns want to replace gift shops with biofuels

These two ex-Uber founders want to replace music festivals with Contour Crafting

These two ex-Palantir employees want to replace Hawaiian restaurants with stealth technology

These two ex-Pinterest employees want to replace college gyms with movies

These two ex-SnapChat programmers want to replace perfume shops with aeroscraft

These two ex-Airbnb programmers want to replace marijuana dispensaries with quantum cryptography

These two ex-Apple designers want to replace Caucasian restaurants with haptic suits

These two ex-Slack interns want to replace tunnels with Biosphere 2

These two ex-SnapChat employees want to replace Hungarian restaurants with Reprogenetics

These two ex-Google founders want to replace pubs with washing machines

These two ex-Square employees want to replace antique shops with paralysis

These two ex-Pinterest designers want to replace voting booths with transhumanism

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