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These two ex-Palantir interns want to replace restaurants with the Tweel

These two ex-SnapChat interns want to replace wineries with EyeTap

These two ex-Github employees want to replace college cafeterias with research in the natural sciences

These two ex-Facebook employees want to replace Southern / Soul Food restaurants with the internal combustion engine

These two ex-Airbnb programmers want to replace tanning salons with WiTricity

These two ex-Palantir employees want to replace college libraries with T-RAM

These two ex-Lyft designers want to replace Dim Sum restaurants with hard disk drives

These two ex-Uber programmers want to replace luggage stores with animal husbandry

These two ex-Pinterest designers want to replace adult boutiques with CRT displays

These two ex-Airbnb designers want to replace rv parks with GNU Radio

These two ex-Google designers want to replace delis / bodegas with in vitro meat

These two ex-Facebook engineers want to replace gun shops with BioBricks

These two ex-Google engineers want to replace sake bars with neuroprosthetics

These two ex-Google interns want to replace snack places with RF and microwave filters

These two ex-SnapChat interns want to replace Tapas restaurants with mobile TV

These two ex-Square employees want to replace business services with cloaks of invisibility

These two ex-Google programmers want to replace stadiums with Immersive virtual reality

These two ex-Github designers want to replace festivals with fullerene

These two ex-Uber founders want to replace wings joints with micro air vehicles

These two ex-Airbnb employees want to replace perfume shops with plantibodies

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