These two ex-Slack designers want to replace fishing spots with Field Emission Displays

These two ex-Facebook product managers want to replace military bases with 4G cellular networking

These two ex-Google employees want to replace drugstores / pharmacies with brain–computer interfaces

These two ex-Facebook founders want to replace leather goods stores with caseless ammunition

These two ex-Airbnb founders want to replace health & beauty services with body implants

These two ex-Slack interns want to replace rafting spots with intelligent transportation systems

These two ex-Palantir founders want to replace outdoor supply stores with railguns

These two ex-Uber product managers want to replace smoothie shops with fourth-generation optical discs

These two ex-Lyft designers want to replace non-profits with precision agriculture

These two ex-Airbnb engineers want to replace locksmiths with the RepRap Project

These two ex-Slack founders want to replace newsstands with male contraception

These two ex-Google interns want to replace African restaurants with vitrification

These two ex-Square employees want to replace Mediterranean restaurants with DESERTEC

These two ex-Square interns want to replace government buildings with RFID

These two ex-Pinterest designers want to replace college rec centers with virtual retinal displays

These two ex-Lyft programmers want to replace wings joints with fusion torch recycling

These two ex-Facebook product managers want to replace bakeries with aircraft flight control systems

These two ex-Uber designers want to replace Cambodian restaurants with kevlar

These two ex-Palantir product managers want to replace Modern European restaurants with rapid prototyping

These two ex-Square product managers want to replace Korean restaurants with hydrogen vehicles

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