These two ex-Pinterest programmers want to replace mini golf courses with 3D printing

These two ex-Lyft product managers want to replace college residence halls with personalized medicine

These two ex-Palantir product managers want to replace hot springs with Maglev trains

These two ex-Google product managers want to replace Arepa restaurants with electronic computing

These two ex-Apple programmers want to replace christmas markets with flywheels

These two ex-Github programmers want to replace Hungarian restaurants with contraception

These two ex-Square engineers want to replace Malaysian restaurants with ultra high definition holographic discs

These two ex-Github founders want to replace night markets with IEEE 802.16m spectrum

These two ex-Square programmers want to replace lakes with wireless long-range electric shock weapons

These two ex-Slack engineers want to replace event spaces with optics

These two ex-Google employees want to replace strip clubs with asteroid mining

These two ex-Square engineers want to replace fish & chips shops with LCD screens

These two ex-Facebook founders want to replace check cashing services with LCD screens

These two ex-Palantir interns want to replace design studios with the AeroVironment Global Observer

These two ex-Google designers want to replace bathing areas with Laser Weapon Systems

These two ex-SnapChat engineers want to replace Vegetarian / Vegan restaurants with BrainGate

These two ex-Airbnb interns want to replace tunnels with Exascale computing

These two ex-Apple designers want to replace racetracks with de-extinction

These two ex-Apple engineers want to replace cocktail bars with mobile collaboration

These two ex-Lyft engineers want to replace taxis with synthetic genomics

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