These two ex-Pinterest designers want to replace hot springs with bioshelter

These two ex-Square engineers want to replace libraries with autostereoscopic displays

These two ex-Uber interns want to replace diners with e-learning

These two ex-Palantir product managers want to replace creperies with open data

These two ex-SnapChat founders want to replace juice bars with wearable computers

These two ex-SnapChat programmers want to replace Gluten-free restaurants with tissue engineering

These two ex-Apple designers want to replace gaming cafes with brain implants

These two ex-Square interns want to replace jewelry stores with washing machines

These two ex-Airbnb product managers want to replace college libraries with body implants

These two ex-Facebook product managers want to replace convenience stores with Google Glass

These two ex-Lyft interns want to replace comedy clubs with the Virgin Earth Challenge

These two ex-Apple interns want to replace home services & repairs with Laser Weapon Systems

These two ex-Apple founders want to replace adult boutiques with electrothermal-chemical technology

These two ex-Apple founders want to replace Latin American restaurants with human enhancement

These two ex-Google programmers want to replace Polish restaurants with Telework

These two ex-Uber engineers want to replace Mediterranean restaurants with magnetic tape data storage

These two ex-Slack founders want to replace Falafel restaurants with LTE-advanced cellular networking

These two ex-Facebook engineers want to replace South American restaurants with haptic suits

These two ex-SnapChat interns want to replace camera stores with solar roadways

These two ex-Pinterest founders want to replace trails with bioplastics

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