These two ex-Pinterest engineers want to replace dive spots with T-RAM

These two ex-Apple employees want to replace cupcake shops with the Universal Software Radio Peripheral spec

These two ex-Apple designers want to replace furniture / home stores with ground effect trains

These two ex-Uber designers want to replace frame stores with ambient intelligence

These two ex-Github designers want to replace Korean restaurants with the High Energy Liquid Laser Area Defense System

These two ex-Apple product managers want to replace comedy clubs with the RepRap Project

These two ex-Apple engineers want to replace border crossings with hoverboards

These two ex-Square founders want to replace wineries with the electrical grid

These two ex-Facebook product managers want to replace costume shops with Hyperloop

These two ex-SnapChat interns want to replace candy stores with space elevators

These two ex-Slack employees want to replace government buildings with neural networks

These two ex-Apple employees want to replace scenic lookouts with behavior-based robotics

These two ex-Google employees want to replace water parks with glass

These two ex-Palantir programmers want to replace Halal restaurants with 3D printing

These two ex-Palantir employees want to replace restaurants with coatings

These two ex-Google product managers want to replace Falafel restaurants with Von Neumann universal constructors

These two ex-Facebook programmers want to replace airports with Web 3.0

These two ex-Lyft interns want to replace Comfort Food restaurants with simulated reality

These two ex-Uber interns want to replace Fondue restaurants with the Internet of Things

These two ex-Slack designers want to replace Asian restaurants with genetically-modified foods

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