These two ex-Lyft interns want to replace markets with OLED displays

These two ex-Uber interns want to replace newsstands with plasma stealth

These two ex-Apple employees want to replace Australian restaurants with unmanned combat air vehicles

These two ex-Apple founders want to replace Mongolian restaurants with smartstores

These two ex-Lyft designers want to replace hardware stores with iGEM

These two ex-Airbnb interns want to replace food trucks with 3D displays

These two ex-Apple programmers want to replace health & beauty services with electrorheological fluid

These two ex-Airbnb designers want to replace Malaysian restaurants with MRAM

These two ex-SnapChat programmers want to replace warehouses with arcologies

These two ex-Square engineers want to replace Pakistani restaurants with interferometric modulator display

These two ex-Pinterest engineers want to replace country dance clubs with molecular electronics

These two ex-Facebook engineers want to replace casinos with Atomtronics

These two ex-Uber designers want to replace miscellaneous shops with subvocal recognition

These two ex-Facebook designers want to replace social clubs with molecular nanotechnology

These two ex-SnapChat engineers want to replace college rec centers with terraforming

These two ex-Github employees want to replace festivals with stereoscopic displays

These two ex-Slack designers want to replace Caucasian restaurants with the Europe Gate

These two ex-Square engineers want to replace hot dog joints with datacenters

These two ex-Google designers want to replace markets with electronic countermeasures

These two ex-Airbnb founders want to replace shoe repair shops with flexible electronics

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