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Please if you want me to talk with you or at the opposite you want me to not @ you, tell it to me!

I want to be a kind blobcat, even the kinder one 💛

It dis already christmasm? I want pwesents under the big luminous twe

* squish frenetically *
Pwease time go faster!

Nobody said to me what they awe doinn ;w;

What awe you doing this evening? Do you want to talk with me?

Food (vegetarian) 

Wooman has almost fowgotten an appointment this mowning but she remembewed it just in time, thus allowing her to go to it!

Am pwoud of my wooman

Hewwo evewyone!

Did you have a good night? :3

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✨Once upon a time there was a thoughtful princess who faced a ruthless advisor.
Things looked bleak, but in the end she succeeded, thus bringing peace to the village.✨

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I love my red hair.
I'm gorgeous.
I'm a gorgeous woman :blobmelt:

[Eye contact, boosts welcome]

@dustyqueersheep hiiii! My wooman sent me to tell you vewy much thamks fow the messages you sent when she was down, and that it weally helped hew to feel bettew 💛

Today I will help my wooman to make mockups. Is that a mug who have hiccups? I don't know but it sounds fun. And she weally love making it so I'm hapéy fow hew!

*squish squish* I'm so impatient amd exited!

@Morgane_lapine hewwoooo! How awe you? Did you slepp well?

I hope you awe fine because I weally weally like you and you desewve to be happy!


(it means Good mowning evewone)

Did you slepp well? How are you feeling?

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Time to cuwl in my pillow and wishing you a good night!

Caps of joy 

Wooman went to the thewapy, that was hooman who drove hew hewe.

Pwoblem is: hooman kepp the car so wooman can't bwing she suwpwise until hooman come back fwom wowk

I don't like to wait! I want the suwpwise! I yelled nooooooo like dawth vadow when she told me that (without the awms up because they are to tiny to stwech above my head :'3)

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