Paul Blart: Echinodermata Cop
(a phylum or subkingdom of metazoic animals; the echinoderms)

Paul Blart: Myopericarditis Cop
(inflammation of the muscular wall of the heart and of its enveloping membrane)

Paul Blart: Wintertimes Cop
(the season of winter)

Paul Blart: Antemetic Cop
(restraining or allaying vomiting)

Paul Blart: Marksman Cop
(a man skilled in shooting at a target)

Paul Blart: Undersoil Cop
(soil below the ground surface)

Paul Blart: Unsonable Cop
(incapable of being sounded)

Paul Blart: Logography Cop
(the use of logotypes in design and printing)

Paul Blart: Arcane Cop
(known or understood by only a few: synonym: mysterious)

Paul Blart: Firesale Cop
(a sale of merchandise damaged by fire)

Paul Blart: Yemeni Cop
(a person from Yemen or of Yemeni descent)

Paul Blart: Polepiece Cop
(a mass of iron forming the end of an electromagnet, by means of which the lines of magnetic force are concentrated and directed)

Paul Blart: Pommie Cop
(an English immigrant; a pom)

Paul Blart: Guider Cop
(one who guides; a guide or director)

Paul Blart: Agalactous Cop
(characterized by agalactia)

Paul Blart: Escrime Cop
(the art of using weapons other than missive weapons, including attack and defense with sword and shield, sword and buckler, saber, rapier, and poniard, small-sword, and even the ax and mace: generally restricted to the use of the sword or saber according to some one of the recognized methods in use at the present day)

Paul Blart: Omnivorous Cop
(eating food of any kind, including animals and plants)

Paul Blart: Curlicue Cop
(a fancy twist or curl, such as a flourish made with a pen)

Paul Blart: Tench Cop
(an edible Eurasian freshwater fish (Tinca tinca) having small scales and two barbels near the mouth)

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