Paul Blart: Overlooking Cop
(present participle of overlook)

Paul Blart: Grasshopper Cop
(any of numerous orthopteran insects, chiefly of the suborder Caelifera, characteristically having long, powerful hind legs adapted for jumping)

Paul Blart: Unionite Cop
(a fossil unio, or some similar shell)

Paul Blart: Unboxed Cop
(simple past tense and past participle of unbox)

Paul Blart: Secretaryship Cop
(the office of secretary)

Paul Blart: Communicative Cop
(inclined to communicate readily; talkative)

Paul Blart: Inventions Cop
(the act or process of inventing)

Paul Blart: Adjournments Cop
(the act of postponing or deferring)

Paul Blart: Banquetings Cop
(the act of feasting; luxurious living; rich entertainment; a feast)

Paul Blart: Disspirit Cop
(to cause to lose spirit or enthusiasm; dishearten. synonym: discourage)

Paul Blart: Signate Cop
(designate; determinate)

Paul Blart: Inexpensively Cop
(in an inexpensive manner)

Paul Blart: Competing Cop
(being in the state of competition (often unintentionally))

Paul Blart: Overwrought Cop
(excessively nervous or excited; agitated)

Paul Blart: Hammocked Cop
(ensconced in a hammock)

Paul Blart: Millinewtons Cop
(one-thousand of a newton. Symbol mN)

Paul Blart: Indecorous Cop
(lacking propriety or decorum. synonym: unseemly)

Paul Blart: Professionalise Cop
(to make professional)

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