Paul Blart: Vetkoeks Cop
(a deep-fried ball of dough, usually unsweetened, cut open and filled with various fillings)

Paul Blart: Bacillus Cop
(any of various bacteria, especially a rod-shaped bacterium)

Paul Blart: Literalists Cop
(one who adheres to the letter or exact word; an interpreter according to the letter)

Paul Blart: Vittate Cop
(provided with or having a vitta or vittæ; in botany, also, striped longitudinally)

Paul Blart: Mammula Cop
(in zoology, a small conical or cylindrical process; specifically, one of the processes or appendages forming the spinneret of a spider)

Paul Blart: Treknobabble Cop
(a kind of technobabble particular to the Star Trek universe, with a particularly heavy emphasis on configurations of pseudoscientific particles and waves)

Paul Blart: Waled Cop
(simple past tense and past participle of wale)

Paul Blart: Unborrowed Cop
(not borrowed; being one's own; native; original)

Paul Blart: Moorer Cop
(the person who moors a vessel)

Paul Blart: Vinyl Cop
(the univalent hydrocarbon group CH2=CH, derived from ethylene)

Paul Blart: Fundamentality Cop
(the state or quality of being fundamental; essentiality)

Paul Blart: Ciron Cop
(the itch-mite, Sarcoptes scabiei)

Paul Blart: Noncategorical Cop
(not categorical)

Paul Blart: Sixtyeight Cop
(the cardinal number immediately following sixty-seven and preceding sixty-nine)

Paul Blart: Mailed Cop
(covered with or made of plates of mail)

Paul Blart: Superpipe Cop
(a large halfpipe, used in certain gravity-based extreme sports such as snowboarding and freestyle skiing)

Paul Blart: Antiblue Cop
(describing one of the three possible colours of an antiquark, corresponding to blue in a quark)

Paul Blart: Dizygotic Cop
(derived from two separately fertilized eggs. Used especially of fraternal twins)

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