Paul Blart: Lovelessness Cop
(the state or condition of being loveless; lack of love)

Paul Blart: Welcome Cop
(received with pleasure and hospitality into one's company or home)

Paul Blart: Polwig Cop
(a polliwig. Holland)

Paul Blart: Jointured Cop
(bequeathed to a wife through jointure)

Paul Blart: Homeomorphisms Cop
(a close similarity in the crystal forms of unlike compounds)

Paul Blart: Blazoned Cop
(simple past tense and past participle of blazon)

Paul Blart: Backhands Cop
(made with the back of the dominant hand facing forward)

Paul Blart: Gasket Cop
(any of a wide variety of seals or packings used between matched machine parts or around pipe joints to prevent the escape of a gas or fluid)

Paul Blart: Epiotic Cop
(literally, upon the ear: applied to a center of ossification in the mastoid region of the periotic bone)

Paul Blart: Anabaptists Cop
(an adherent of a Protestant religious movement that began in 16th-century Europe, viewing baptism solely as an external sign of a believer's conscious acceptance of faith, rejecting infant baptism, advocating the separation of church from state, and practicing simple living and the shunning of nonbelievers)

Paul Blart: Uveas Cop
(the vascular middle layer of the eye constituting the iris, ciliary body, and choroid)

Paul Blart: Openended Cop
(not restrained by definite limits, restrictions, or structure)

Paul Blart: Orach Cop
(a large genus of plants, natural order Chenopodiaceæ, mostly mealy or scurfy herbs or low shrubs, growing usually in saline localities, and of very little importance)

Paul Blart: Fussbudgety Cop
(like a fussbudget; fussy; grouchy)

Paul Blart: Rosewood Cop
(any of various tropical trees chiefly of the genus Dalbergia in the pea family, having hard brown to purplish wood with dark brown or black streaks)

Paul Blart: Distemper Cop
(a method of painting in which the colors are mixed with any binding medium soluble in water, such as yolk of egg and an equal quantity of water, yolk and white of egg beaten together and mixed with an equal quantity of milk, fig-tree sap, vinegar, wine, ox-gall, etc)

Paul Blart: Syncytial Cop
(pertaining to or of the nature of a syncytium)

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