Paul Blart: Gaswater Cop
(water through which coal-gas has been passed, and which has absorbed the impurities of the gas. It is impregnated with sulphids and ammoniacal salts)

Paul Blart: Truthmaker Cop
(that entity in virtue of which a truthbearer is true)

Paul Blart: Vickie Cop
(a female given name, diminutive of Victoria)

Paul Blart: Matchsafe Cop
(a vessel of incombustible material for holding friction-matches)

Paul Blart: Coyness Cop
(the quality of being coy; shyness; modest reserve; bashfulness; unwillingness to become familiar)

Paul Blart: Octocrylene Cop
(an ester formed by the condensation of a diphenylcyanoacrylate with 2-ethylhexanol, used in sunscreens and cosmetics)

Paul Blart: Lendinghouse Cop
(a charitable institution for lending money to the poor at a very low rate or gratis)

Paul Blart: Outwitting Cop
(present participle of outwit)

Paul Blart: Whipray Cop
(a sting-ray; any member of the family Trygonidæ; any ray with a long, slender, flexible tail like a whip-lash, as a member of the Myliobatidæ. See cuts under sting-ray and Trygon)

Paul Blart: Myriapoda Cop
(a class of articulate animals of the subkingdom Arthropoda; the centipeds and millepeds)

Paul Blart: Charidee Cop
(conspicuous charity, especially as part of a TV promotion, or of an otherwise pointless exercise)

Paul Blart: Hallucinative Cop
(hallucinatory: productive of hallucinations)

Paul Blart: Libertarianism Cop
(the principles or doctrines of the libertarians)

Paul Blart: Skulls Cop
(the bony or cartilaginous framework that encloses and protects the brain and sense organs of all vertebrates and of one group of nonvertebrates (the hagfishes); cranium)

Paul Blart: Knock Cop
(to strike with a hard blow)

Paul Blart: Rappeled Cop
(simple past tense and past participle of rappel)

Paul Blart: Hejab Cop
(any of several cloth head coverings worn by Muslim women)

Paul Blart: SAPOL Cop
(south Australia Police)

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