Paul Blart: Raincloud Cop
(a cloud from which rain is falling)

Paul Blart: Ostensibility Cop
(the quality or state of being ostensible)

Paul Blart: Phosphite Cop
(a salt, ester, or anion of phosphorous acid)

Paul Blart: Subagent Cop
(in law, the agent of an agent)

Paul Blart: Detainees Cop
(a person held in custody or confinement)

Paul Blart: Macromere Cop
(one of the large blastomeres found in a developing embryo)

Paul Blart: Uncaused Cop
(existing without a perceptible cause; spontaneous)

Paul Blart: Bulldozer Cop
(a heavy, driver-operated machine for clearing and grading land, usually having continuous treads and a broad hydraulic blade in front)

Paul Blart: Knottled Cop
(stunted in growth)

Paul Blart: Licking Cop
(a beating, thrashing, or spanking)

Paul Blart: Householders Cop
(one who occupies or owns a house)

Paul Blart: Boardgames Cop
(a game of strategy, such as chess or backgammon, played by moving pieces on a board and sometimes involving dice)

Paul Blart: Accentuation Cop
(the act of accentuating or of marking accent or stress in speech or writing; the state of being accented or accentuated. The mode of indicating accent; accentual notation. The act of emphasizing or laying stress; a bringing into prominence)

Paul Blart: Metastoma Cop
(in Crustacea, a median development, often bifid, of the ventral part of a somite immediately behind the mouth)

Paul Blart: Teats Cop
(a nipple of the mammary gland; a mamilla)

Paul Blart: Triggermen Cop
(a gunman, especially one who shoots someone)

Paul Blart: Idlest Cop
(of machinery, doing no direct work; merely changing the direction of motion: as, an idle gear; also, running merely to carry transmission-elements: as, an idle pulley (which see))

Paul Blart: Wallpepper Cop
(any of various plants of the genus Sedum and other genera such as Hylotelephium that were formerly classified in Sedum, having fleshy leaves and variously colored flowers and frequently grown in rock gardens)

Paul Blart: Planogram Cop
(a predetermined computer-generated plan for displaying merchandise, on the shelves of a supermarket; normally fine-tuned for each store)

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