Paul Blart: Rapparees Cop
(a freebooting soldier of 17th-century Ireland)

Paul Blart: Admirer Cop
(one who admires; specifically, one who pays court to or manifests his admiration of a woman; a lover)

Paul Blart: Nedes Cop
(of necessity; necessarily)

Paul Blart: Seductive Cop
(tending to seduce; alluring)

Paul Blart: Aquatics Cop
(sports involving water)

Paul Blart: Colormaps Cop
(a lookup table specifying the colors to be used in rendering a palettized image)

Paul Blart: Misfiring Cop
(present participle of misfire)

Paul Blart: Methanation Cop
(the reaction of hydrogen and carbon monoxide to form methane)

Paul Blart: Rustier Cop
(covered with rust; corroded)

Paul Blart: Halfopen Cop
(partially open; ajar)

Paul Blart: Reaper Cop
(one that reaps, especially a machine for harvesting grain or pulse crops)

Paul Blart: Megapod Cop
(having large feet: specifically applied to the Megapodiidæ)

Paul Blart: Togae Cop
(a loose one-piece outer garment worn in public by male citizens in ancient Rome)

Paul Blart: Fibrositis Cop
(inflammatory hyperplasia of white fibrous connective tissue)

Paul Blart: Denuclearise Cop
(to remove or ban nuclear weapons from)

Paul Blart: Definable Cop
(capable of being defined)

Paul Blart: Mourner Cop
(one who has the mourning of the chine)

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