Paul Blart: Streaked Cop
(in geology, noting a flow-structure in some igneous rocks marked by parallelism of discontinuous layers)

Paul Blart: Superfatted Cop
(containing more fat than can combine with the amount of alkali present: noting certain soaps used for medicinal purposes)

Paul Blart: Ladette Cop
(a young woman who behaves in a manner similar to a young man, namely being boisterous and loud and drinking to excess)

Paul Blart: Tiebacks Cop
(a decorative loop of fabric, cord, or metal for parting and draping a curtain to the side)

Paul Blart: Blabberers Cop
(someone who blabbers)

Paul Blart: Whaleship Cop
(a ship built for or employed in the business of whale-fishing; a whaling-ship or whaler)

Paul Blart: Archon Cop
(a high official; a ruler)

Paul Blart: Stupidest Cop
(slow to learn or understand; obtuse)

Paul Blart: Sanguisuga Cop
(a genus of leeches: synonymous with Hirudo. The officinal or Hungarian leech is often called S. officinalis. See cut under leech)

Paul Blart: Ristorante Cop
(an Italian restaurant)

Paul Blart: Major Cop
(greater than others in importance or rank)

Paul Blart: Neuroprotection Cop
(the protection of neurons from neurodegeneration)

Paul Blart: Damage Cop
(destruction or a loss in value, usefulness, or ability resulting from an action or event)

Paul Blart: Pekingologists Cop
(one who studies Pekingology)

Paul Blart: Subceiling Cop
(a ceiling (or limit) placed on a subdivision)

Paul Blart: Institutional Cop
(of or relating to an institution or institutions)

Paul Blart: Extinguishers Cop
(one that extinguishes, especially)

Paul Blart: Tagliarini Cop
(narrow tagliatelle)

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