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Datana Jardons
"The authority on larping."

In Amteytes
"The authority on linguistics."

Sywmse Techuet Inc.
"When you think security, think Sywmse Techuet Inc.!"

"The authority on anime body pillows."

DCes Sorp
"Nothing short of the finest holistic medicine."

Sitinss Corporation
"Infosec masterminds."

Pyfvors Inc.
"Larping masterminds."

"Like Uber for anarchy! (...without the greed and misogeny.)"

Comerle Corp.
"The pop punk you need in your life."

Gfhs Spation
"The authority on bicycles."

Intronk Matard
"Nothing short of incredible pop punk."

"Providers of superb hoverboards."

Gorkiced Inc.
"Just buy the damn fedoras."

"The zoology professionals."

"The modeling experts."

Alky Corporation
"Tutoring masterminds."

Narre Risionnt Co
"Providing only the finest hand-crafted fine art available."

"Creative solutions to today's brand management challenges."

Moatlo Peal Corp.
"Taking your mining to the top!"

Coulwe Stip
"Creative solutions to today's beekeeping challenges."