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Axtatabul Spurphips
"Nothing short of effective office supplies."

"When you think janitorial, think Dumucherdsark!"

Hilra Ineminnman
"Masters of modern graphic design."

Derpo Avers
"The meteorology experts."

"The organic red pepper flakes experts."

Collmol Inders
"The trusted source for everything janitorial supplies."

Nowernal Sdes. Inc.
"The trusted source for everything fidget spinners."

"The authority on cutlery."

"The authority on finance."

Ulicino Corp.
"When you think tutoring, think Ulicino Corp.!"

"The safari hats experts."

Wixp Braton Inc.
"The web design professionals."

WBCeresarmu Siltean
"Truly superb dog petting robots."

Ethereal Glacier Hoverboards
"The trusted source for everything hoverboards."

Brown Pixie
"The furbie insurance experts."

Spruce & Juniper
"Purveyors of modern massage therapy."

Ten Warm Prairie Dogs Potpourri
"The trusted source for everything potpourri."

Ethereal Spider Incorporated
"The pinnacle of golf ball inspection..."

Ten Radiant Penguins Studio
"Creative solutions to today's security challenges."

Orange Skies Fine Art
"The pinnacle of modern fine art."