Between you and me, I'm feeling urgently bisexual.

Hey, I'm kinda thinking that today I'm feeling healthily bisexual.

Looking back on this day, I can say that I was illegally bisexual.

Wow... I'm really feeling eternally bisexual.

All day today, I was really perpetually bisexual.

Jumped out of bed today thinking that I'm feeling kindheartedly bisexual.

Yeah, I'm thinking that today I was confidently bisexual.

Catching my breath after a day of being defensively bisexual.

The sun's up! I hope you're feeling imaginatively bisexual.

So, don't tell anyone, but today I was startlingly bisexual.

Oh my gosh. *fans self* Today I was comfortably bisexual.

Just so you know: I'm feeling securely bisexual.

I'll tell you a secret. Today, I was magically bisexual.

Between you and me, I'm feeling harmoniously bisexual.

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