Order. ORDERRRRRRR!! At the moment, the hon. Gentleman is not giving way.

Order! I am sorry to disappoint remaining colleagues, but demand exceeds supply, and we must now move on.

Order. On account of the level of interest, an eight-minute limit on Back-Bench speeches will now apply.

Order! The hon. Gentleman does not need to keep banging on about Galileo from a sedentary position. We want to hear the views of the hon. Lady, but we have heard the hon. Gentleman chuntering and we may hear him on his feet in due course.

Order. As colleagues will know if they have studied the Annunciator, the second of the two debates scheduled for this afternoon has been withdrawn, so we have simply one debate on customs and borders.

Order. I am extremely grateful to the hon. Lady. It might profit her and all Members of the House if they listen to the development of the argument in which the shadow Secretary of State is engaged. Frankly, it is not really very confusing at all. There is a motion, and Members can read the motion and form their own view of it.

Order! Mr Seely, sit down young man. It is very discourteous. The Father of the House comes in— Order. Do not sit there looking at your phone, man. I am speaking to you. Show some respect and manners in the Chamber.

Order! There is a certain amount of gesticulation from a sedentary position. I do not know whether the hon. Member for Airdrie and Shotts is signalling that the hon. Member for Lanark and Hamilton East wanted to come in on Question 2. I am sorry if she has been inconvenienced, but she needed to bob on Question 2, not Question 3.

ORDER! I am immensely grateful to the hon. Gentleman, but he has not been here for most of the debate—

ORDER! I appealed earlier for calm and I do so again. I will reiterate what people should know anyway by now: there will be ample opportunity for everybody who wants to ask a question—not to shriek across the Chamber, but to ask a question—to do so. Let us have a bit of hush on both sides of the House.

Order. ORDERRRRRRR!! Traditionally, there is slightly greater latitude for the Chair of a Select Committee, but in view of the time constraints it would be appreciated if colleagues could confine themselves to a single-sentence question without preamble. Otherwise, lots of people will be prevented from speaking.

Order. The responsibility for the selection of amendments—I say this not just for Members of the House but for those attending to our proceedings—is, of course, a matter for the Chair.

Order. ORDER!!!! People were talking about mutual respect, so may I explain to the House that it is discourteous for side conversations between Members to take place when another Member has the floor? The hon. Member for Stirling has just intervened, and he should then alert himself to the response to his intervention.

Order! We need to speed up, because I want to accommodate colleagues. Can we have a one-sentence question?

Order! To accommodate the level of interest in this debate, the time limit on Back-Bench speeches, which the Chair had previously notified would be seven minutes, now needs to be six minutes.

Order. A very sizeable number of Scottish Conservative Members are waving at the right hon. Gentleman. Mr Ross, you are leading with your flag, at which you have very considerable experience. Mr Blackford, what I would say to you is: KBO, man—just keep going.

Order. Mr Hands, calm yourself, young man. You are getting a little over-excited. I know that you have already asked a question. You blurted it out to the best of your ability and we are most indebted to you, but now is the time to keep quiet.

Order. Let me say to the hon. Gentleman that I need no advice on procedure from him or any of his colleagues. I work on the basis of that of which the office has been notified—one question, and that was why I granted it. I am well familiar with the precedents; I know what I am doing, but I do require effective communication, which was lacking in this case.

Order. In calling the hon. Member for Nottingham North, I wish him a very happy birthday—a mere stripling of 35, I believe. I cannot say that I remember such a time in my life.

Order! This is rather unseemly. To be fair, the hon. Member for Perth and North Perthshire asked a question and the Leader of the House is in the process of answering it, so he should not be conducting a side discussion with some Government Back Bencher. Somebody says it is “uncouth”.

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