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BBC News (World)

Leitrim trees: Anger at Irish climate change scheme

Ukraine crisis: US to give Kiev $200m in defence support

Will Nigeria Air succeed where others have failed?

Former Farc rebels take seats in Colombia congress

Polish judges law: MPs back further changes amid row

Who's had a week to forget, and a week to remember?

Ohio death row inmate spared after childhood abuse revelations

James Gunn: Guardians of the Galaxy director fired over offensive tweets

Nine Missouri duck boat victims from the same family - governor

Israel launches wave of Gaza strikes, killing four, as soldier dies from gunshot

The cost of Trump's Endangered Species Act proposal

Syria conflict: Rebels begin to leave Quneitra, with army set to take over

Tanzania and Kenya row over delay to wildebeest migration

Italy's interior minister sues anti-mafia writer for 'underworld' jibe