For many Burmese, the military coup on Monday is reminiscent of one that took place in the late 1980s

“It kind of felt like deja vu, it’s like we’re back to square one"

The BBC spoke to people who remember what it was like growing up under junta rule


Wai Wai Nu was five when her father was snatched before her eyes

“I was always scared as a child - there were always soldiers outside and I can still picture my father taken away from me”

Thirteen years later, she would be jailed for the crime of being his daughter

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Phyo, 25, had a very different experience growing up, coming from a more affluent family

But some things stood out

"When you spoke on the phone, you could hear a sound in the background - someone watching TV or just people talking. It was the military listening to you”

Kyaw Than Win, 67, remembers how life went on as normal during the 1988 military coup, but speaking out was not an option

“We had to force ourselves to live life in silence out of fear,” he says, as civil servants involved in the protests were dismissed, demoted, or detained

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