Jay-Z's decision to partner with NFL labelled "cold-blooded" by Colin Kaepernick's lawyer bbc.in/31LQyEO

Man accused of upskirting over 550 women, in a single year, arrested in Madrid


Danish PM says she is "annoyed" at Donald Trump's decision to cancel his visit after being told Greenland was not for sale bbc.in/31ZscHT

"It's extremely cruel"

Russian couple filmed at protest threatened with having their children taken away

[Tap to expand] bbc.in/31NzmP8


Iran celebrities 'using ambulances to skip Tehran traffic jams' bbc.in/31UB3KJ

Denmark defiant on Greenland after Trump cancels state visit bbc.in/31VBrIK

Danish PM expresses "regret and surprise" that President Trump has cancelled a state visit to her country, amid a spat over sale of Greenland



China threatens to impose sanctions on US firms involved with sale of F-16 planes to Taiwan bbc.in/2zdZpCO

Single-use plastics banned in Nepal's Everest region, in a bid to cut down on waste left by climbers


Three people wounded and shots fired at team filming rapper Booba in Paris


Santina Cawley: Woman charged with murder of toddler in Cork bbc.in/31UrxY1

Man, in his 70s, hospitalised after being bitten by Fidel Castro's crocodile


Japanese bullet train door discovered open at 280km/h (175mph)


These pictures appear to depict a gay wedding, nearly 50 years before same-sex marriage was legal anywhere in the US bbc.in/31Udm5o

New Zealand speaker cradles MP’s baby during parliament debate bbc.in/2zcY1Ap

Greece refuses to help the Iranian tanker recently detained in Gibraltar bbc.in/2zeezIs

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