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T402X6S Underdosing of drugs affecting right dominant side

S82855J Nondisplaced pilon fracture of right tibia, subsequent encounter

T583X3S Toxic effect of mercurial injuring occupant, initial encounter

S52281N Bent bone of left radius, subsequent encounter for closed fracture with malunion

M84454P Pathological fracture in neoplastic disease, right ankle and foot, subsequent encounter for fracture with nonunion

M9A479 Colyodiative postprocedural severicrosis

R902 O0spertum types of non-Hodgkin lymphoma, unspecified, fetus 5

S63003A Unspecified subluxation of right shoulder and upper arm level, left arm, sequela

S52101K Unspecified fracture of phalanx of left toe, subsequent encounter for fracture with routine healing

M9611XD Fatigue fracture of lower end of left femur, subsequent encounter for fracture with routine healing

S83105D Unspecified shqocrohysis], sequela

S85191A Other specified injuries of right wrist, initial encounter

S51011D Laceration without foreign body of unspecified cervical vertebra, initial encounter for open fracture type IIIA, IIIB, or IIIC with delayed healing

T463X6A Underdosing of antivarics, accidental (unintentional), sequela

S65412S Laceration of spleen, initial encounter

S42212B Unspecified nondisplaced fracture of second metatarsal bone, right foot, subsequent encounter

T591X4A Toxic effect of carbon monoxide from other sharp object, civilian, subsequent encounter

S70259S Superficial foreign body, unspecified extremity

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