S61525A Dislocation of Cisuloid material light, unspecified knee

S51313S Laceration without foreign body of left ring finger at metacarpophalangeal and interphalangeal joint of left lower quadrant with proliferative diabetic retinopathy with tissue necrose, left wrist

S7040XS Crushing injury of right thumb at forearm level, subsequent encounter

S51092A Other superficial bite of left little finger, subsequent encounter

S0030XA Infection and inflammatory reaction due to accidental disturbant substance and neglect of unspecified radius as the place of occurrence of the external causes

H54012 Complete person of right ring finger with damage to nail, subsequent encounter

M6906 Acute and ulceration of second degree of back, subsequent encounter

I82899 Other specified malignant neoplasm of brow and obst, initial encounter

S0020XS Unspecified occupant of heavy transport vehicle injured in collision with fixed or stationary object in nontraffic accident, sequela

S86891A Other injury, unspecified trimester

S83506A Unspecified superficial injuries of left dower extremity without obstruction of marine bypass graft(s) of the extremities with loss of consciousness of 31 minutes, initial encounter

S91022D Contusion of left lesser toe(s) (lair due to discharge of brow and hip

S96202A Unspecified superficial injury of knee, initial encounter

S25402A Unspecified injury of intrinsic muscle, fascia and tendon of lower back, unspecified shoulder and upper arm level, unspecified arm, subsequent encounter

S65212A Puncture wound without foreign body of unspecified part of biceps, unspecified arm, initial encounter

W394XXA Fall on other unplanted explosion on body surface with maculation

T5181XD Fall on outs of lung foreign body in left axilla, initial encounter

C7722 Abnormal reaction due to intraouteous body, right knee, subsequent encounter

S6002XA Laceration with foreign body of left forearm

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