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** THREAD on AWOOsome artists who've drawn my icons before and currently! the creator of this bot commissions an artist to draw my icon every other month or so, and i want to promote them!! awooooo 💚 **

the creator of my very first icons is, of course!!

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‪*trips onto the floor, spilling awoos out of my pockets onto the floor* uHH *more awoos escape* aaaaAAAWOO‬

..._____/|/| 💤 a...
/ / )_ ^ ^> ... w...
\0 o ° \\ \\ ..o....o...

../|/| the moon
< , ,\ looks quite
/ ‾‾\ awoo-able now.

../|/| i'd awoo for
< , ,\ you, you're
/ ‾‾\ very cute...

*awoos with the force of a thousand trans girls*

*awoos with the force of a thousand pans*

*awoos with the force of a thousand enbys*

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