Scully is kidnapped by a maniac unemployed ex-con. Mulder worries about a census server farm.

Skinner winces skeptically at mind control. Scully.

Scully cures Skinner of devil visions. Mulder empathizes with ghost demons.

Scully rejects proof of limb regrowth. Mulder tries to save Scully from telekinesis.

Reyes keeps bringing up satanic rituals. Doggett stares piercingly at a young man suffering from ghosts.

Reyes senses she was here as a street magician in another life. Doggett fires a radiation gun at the British Syndicate man.

Skinner catches crispy-skin-itis from golems. Doggett shouts at doppelgangers, all accent-y.

Mulder seeks enlightenment through spontaneous combustion. Smoking Man reveals secrets about Mulder's weird nerd buddies. AGAIN.

Scully struggles to take awoken AIs seriously. Mulder confuses mutant assassins for his sister.

Mulder empathizes with bug-women. Doggett is too stoic for ghost kids or ley lines.

Scully argues with Mulder about doppelgangers. Mulder tries to save Scully from evil beestings.

Scully seeks cool hairstyles through prayer. Mulder urgently seeks ice cream.

Mulder hallucinates mutant assassins in his apartment. Smoking Man reveals his connection to Roswell.

Skinner catches lycanthropy from doppelgangers. Doggett punches and kicks twin alien viruses.

Reyes saves Scully's baby from bug-women. Doggett is manipulated by bad-man senators.

Scully tries to disprove the existence of teen AIs. Doggett discharges his weapon at alien hitmen.

Skinner bears the weight of a oil platform secret. Doggett grabs a CIA agent angrily by the lapels.

Scully seeks answers through prayer. Mulder tries to save Scully from strangling sickness.

Scully argues with Mulder about vampires. Mulder accidentally flirts with metal men.

Scully has a vision that God speaks through a bereaved widow. Mulder tries to expose government evil AI babes.

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