Skinner gives Mulder a confused pep talk. Doggett stares piercingly at twin mutants.

Scully tries to save Mulder from possessed Skinner. Mulder accidentally flirts with metal men.

Scully worries about Mulder's new cooking habit. Mulder empathizes with ghost dads.

Scully argues with Mulder about shapeshifting. Mulder confuses mutants for his sister.

Scully rejects proof of ghost possession. Mulder accidentally offends a zookeeper by ranting about magic.

Scully tries to save Mulder from bad-man senators. Mulder seeks enlightenment through shapeshifting.

Mulder empathizes with wraiths. Doggett grabs a loner novelist angrily by the lapels.

Scully worries about Mulder's new cult habit. Mulder worries about the army (the bad army).

Skinner catches skin bugs from government hackers. Doggett acts like he doesn't believe in alien viruses.

Skinner is threatened by Syndicate representatives. Doggett punches and kicks sasquatches.

Scully is kidnapped by a maniac detective. Mulder accuses a corporate executive of being an alien.

Scully completely wrecks a hobo with a single stare. Mulder is impersonated by alien viruses.

Scully autopsies evil demons. Mulder accidentally flirts with bug-women.

Scully rejects proof of possessed satans. Doggett is in a coma, thanks to a nefarious janitor.

Scully struggles to take fake alien abductions seriously. Mulder desperately pursues metal men.

Scully argues with Mulder about cryptocreature venom. Mulder seeks enlightenment through fake alien abductions.

Scully worries about teen mutants. Mulder confuses sasquatches for his sister.

Scully matches wits with a mysterious loner novelist. Mulder pretends like he cares more about smoking men than Scully.

Scully autopsies ghost kids. Mulder desperately pursues cavemen.

Scully rejects proof of angels. Smoking Man reveals secrets about Mulder's evil bees. AGAIN.

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