Scully is once again the target of a prehistoric serial killer. Mulder urgently seeks cool tapes.

Scully tries to save Mulder from government corruption. Mulder is impersonated by golems.

Scully argues with Mulder about demonic possession. Mulder worries about NSA spooks.

Scully worries about ghost cavemen. Mulder tries to expose government thousand-year-old men.

Mulder accuses a janitor of being an alien. Smoking Man reveals secrets about Mulder's sister. AGAIN.

Scully worries about witchery. Mulder hallucinates blue space energy in his apartment.

Mulder accidentally offends a estate caretaker by ranting about ectoplasm. Smoking Man writes a novel about doppelgangers.

Skinner winces skeptically at ghost possession. Scully.

Scully struggles to take possessed energy beings seriously. Mulder worries about CIA shit.

Mulder accidentally flirts with mutant assassins. Smoking Man smiles enigmatically from the shadows.

Scully seeks elderly pregnant ladies through prayer. Mulder pretends like he cares more about alien hobos than Scully.

Scully ignores increasingly obvious signs from God. Mulder accidentally offends a local coroner by ranting about alien babies.

Scully tries to disprove the existence of alien ghosts. Mulder hallucinates that he has antichrist malaise.

Mulder desperately pursues sasquatches. Smoking Man writes a novel about golems.

Mulder accidentally offends a bereaved widow by ranting about bug-women. Smoking Man is shot with an alien gun, but survives.

Scully cures Skinner of speaking in tongues. Mulder hallucinates that a jail warden is his spirit twin.

Reyes is trapped in a dead-people dimension. Doggett is too stoic for mutants or mind control.

Scully has a vision that her friends are becoming blue space energy. Mulder accidentally flirts with possessed aliens.

Scully argues with Mulder about witchery. Mulder desperately pursues ghost kids.

Scully has a vision that God speaks through a nanny. Mulder urgently seeks his dad.

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