Scully is once again the target of a cult serial killer. Mulder tries to tie Krycek to alien hitmen.

Scully distracts Mulder from bad-man senators. Mulder pretends like he cares more about succubi than Scully.

Scully autopsies bug-women. Doggett bravely withstands heart attack curses.

Skinner changes his mind about mind control. Scully.

Skinner gives Mulder a confused pep talk. Doggett is manipulated by small-town policemen.

Scully distracts Mulder from the army (the bad army). Mulder seeks enlightenment through ley lines.

Scully worries about mind control. Smoking Man forces Scully on a road trip to Newark.

Scully argues with Mulder about miracles. Doggett acts like he doesn't believe in thousand-year-old men.

Skinner is helpless, thanks to a census server farm. Scully.

Reyes senses she was here as a soldier in another life. Doggett fires a nuke that is also a crossbow at alien viruses.

Scully distracts Mulder from the syndicate. Mulder accidentally flirts with government hackers.

Scully matches wits with a mysterious nanny. Mulder tries to save Scully from witchery.

Scully ignores increasingly obvious shapeshifting. Doggett punches and kicks alien viruses.

Scully argues with Mulder about signs from God. Mulder worries about a census server farm.

Scully has a vision that Mulder's burrito habit kills him. Doggett is manipulated by government corruption.

Scully worries about Skinner's new smoking habit. Smoking Man reveals secrets about Mulder's hair. AGAIN.

Mulder empathizes with vampires. Smoking Man smiles enigmatically from the shadows.

Skinner catches evil beestings from mutant assassins. Doggett bravely withstands monkeyguff.

Scully autopsies evil fungus. Mulder confuses telepaths for his sister.

Mulder desperately pursues folk legends. Doggett grabs a cannibal angrily by the lapels.

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