Scully struggles to take saintly bilocation seriously. Mulder seeks enlightenment through ley lines.

Scully is once again the target of a government serial killer. Smoking Man smiles enigmatically from the shadows.

Scully distracts Mulder from CIA assassins. Mulder tries to tie a satan worshipper to prehistoric satans.

Scully tries to save Mulder from the syndicate. Mulder hallucinates that Scully will be killed by golems.

Scully tries to disprove the existence of smoking men. Mulder desperately pursues alien ghosts.

Mulder tries to tie The Smoking Man to thousand-year-old men. Doggett is too stoic for smoking men or fake alien abductions.

Mulder confuses alien hitmen for his sister. Smoking Man infects Skinner with antichrist malaise.

Scully tries to disprove the existence of sasquatches. Doggett stares piercingly at a loner novelist.

Scully worries about evil bees. Mulder desperately pursues evil bees.

Scully rejects proof of faith-healing. Mulder accuses a professor of being an alien.

Mulder urgently seeks porn. Smoking Man reveals secrets about Mulder's tacos. AGAIN.

Scully is kidnapped by a maniac phrenologist. Mulder accuses a zookeeper of being an alien.

Scully ignores increasingly obvious astral projection. Mulder seeks enlightenment through immortality.

Scully argues with Mulder about evil AIs. Mulder pretends like he cares more about cultists than Scully.

Scully completely wrecks a janitor with a single stare. Doggett punches and kicks ghost kids.

Mulder accidentally flirts with modern-day dinosaurs. Doggett acts like he doesn't believe in immortality.

Scully cures Skinner of scaly skin. Mulder urgently seeks tacos.

Scully tries to disprove the existence of alien hitmen. Mulder tries to expose government thousand-year-old men.

Scully worries about Doggett's new boardgaming habit. Mulder worries about corrupt FBI agents.

Scully is kidnapped by a maniac estate caretaker. Mulder worries about small-town policemen.

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