Skinner winces skeptically at wraiths. Scully.

Scully tries to disprove miracles. Mulder confuses ghost cavemen for his sister.

Reyes has an 'evil feeling' about the army (the bad army). Doggett shouts at ghost kids, all accent-y.

Mulder accidentally offends a professor by ranting about metal men. Doggett is manipulated by CIA assassins.

Skinner winces skeptically at ghost demons. Doggett discharges his weapon at government hackers.

Mulder tries to tie FEMA bees to succubi. Doggett grabs a hobo angrily by the lapels.

Mulder pretends like he cares more about mutant assassins than Scully. Smoking Man just, you know, smokes a bunch.

Scully is kidnapped by a maniac police captain. Mulder accidentally offends a birthday clown by ranting about vampires.

Reyes is trapped in a parallel dimension. Doggett fires a radiation gun at zombie Mulder clones.

Scully rejects proof of cloned demons. Mulder pretends like he cares more about limb regrowth than Scully.

Scully matches wits with a mysterious corporate executive. Mulder worries about NSA spooks.

Scully seeks the opposite of science through prayer. Mulder is impersonated by vampires.

Scully seeks alien DNA through prayer. Mulder tries to tie the British Syndicate man to miracles.

Mulder pretends like he cares more about government hackers than Scully. Doggett is too stoic for wraiths or invisibility.

Mulder accidentally offends a young man suffering from ghost herpes by ranting about mind control. Doggett acts like he doesn't believe in fake alien abductions.

Scully tries to save Mulder from Jeffrey Spender. Mulder seeks enlightenment through invisibility.

Skinner winces skeptically at sasquatches. Scully.

Scully ignores increasingly obvious shapeshifting. Mulder seeks enlightenment through ley lines.

Scully is once again the target of a evil serial killer. Mulder tries to save Scully from alien STDs.

Scully ignores increasingly obvious hauntings. Mulder urgently seeks babes.

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