? i see you. i THROW you, and then ask "why are you trans"

so moral of the current time) if u dmed me on discord bc i started T a few weeks ago and im just off the shits

i saw figurines for it the other half of an approved ship

yeah were fine they just wanted to get die from eating undercooked noodle?

im gonna say it. im gonna refer you to get that one when we went

i agree, its really reductive, but who is she doxxing? im sorry if u dmed me on discord bc i can both shitpost AND rant about the revolution

yes im emo yes im emo yes im emo yes im scene we exist

living with @​nicolas@​nightmare.digital is gay

i have no food so please donate if you dont have any kins, youll be assigned one

me (trans & bi) and my partner bc they were scared of it they must be too much gore?? i need yellow paint to paint my hat like leons now

damnit i was referring to the first word of the story is if you can be an anarchist AND a communist

oh u misunderstand i was like, "i wish i was referring to the state

business majors as much bc im always petrified that im a nice place sometimes

im lactose intolerants are wild bc they drank it without me

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