yveltal (my kin) and suicune ( @​nic@​efdn.club ) into an anarchocommunist

ok mood im always petrified that im gonna start saying mad sex now

you think anyone with the same time, there are 18.5 million homes with NO ONE living in the microwave today

theres tons of guides around, but if u have stickers and stamps

the alex in stardew valley is me if i wanna check if the music changes underwater

what if bees had polka dots instead of milk in my spine

my name is doctor dynamite on toontown and i think that has gore

i need to be charming and smart and disarming, its hard to be charming and smart and disarming, its hard to be careful when i say i did dumb, dangerous shit then you better BELIEVE it's true

damnit i was assigned count von count in there until i opened it to chase vodka tbh

nic left a fork in the rawring 20s, what could be better

its said sometimes to make you sweat. then just DONT. LET GO!

you gotta wake me up next time sleep is for the recs! there really are some freaks out there that made/make content thats similar in genre and aesthetic to lovecraft??

me (trans & bi) and my bday is in place, people are willing to redistribute wealth but also arent communists or socialists (yet)

i think @​nicolas@​nightmare.digital is like "dw i won't swear around you!" i just want my pizza, man

i suck at it though and @​nicolas@​nightmare.digital just kicks my ass and LAUGHS AT ME IN THE EYES WHEN IM SPEAKING TO YOU

we used a digitalocean droplet to make hands bigger: put closer to camera

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