That's definitely one perspective: "I can't believe the government is spending time investigating me when they could be helping leak spoilers to Rick & Morty season 4. Ya' know?"

"This study provides some evidence that [knowing a few climate change facts] isn’t just a matter of self-defense against the rants of conspiracy-minded uncles. Students’ family members may actually hear them out."

Researchers say they’ve discovered an advanced piece of Linux malware that has escaped detection by antivirus products and appears to be actively used in targeted attacks.

"Blocking US app developers from submitting to a Huawei app store would be an absolutely devastating blow for the company. The lack of an app ecosystem would give a Huawei OS (Android-based or otherwise) basically zero chance of succeeding in the market."

"Conventional lidar systems measure distances by sending out a short laser pulse and then measuring how long it takes for the beam to bounce back. Blackmore's FMCW lidar uses a more complex method."

"With the newest 10th-gen Intel processors, the new XPS 13 two-in-one will be 2.5 times more powerful than the previous model. It will also support up to 32GB of RAM and 1TB of PCIe SSD storage..." ?

"When I reviewed the Levante S last year, I called it a "stunner." A year later, the Levante is still easily the most beautiful SUV or crossover on the market."

"Are we all doomed to become the AR equivalent of Stephenson's gargoyles in the near future? Bailenson is hopeful that getting off the ground early in terms of researching the pros and cons of the technology will help stave off the author's dystopian take"

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