Today is October 2, Shades Day. A marshal who always wore sunglasses was nicknamed Shades by his boss. Shades even wore his sunglasses at night. During an investigation in a dark dungeon, he was caught in a trap he couldn't see and died in the line of duty... Shades Day was named to mourn for his death. So please, don't wear your sunglasses at night.

Today is October 1, Glacier Day. A grandma was doing laundry by the riverside when blocks of ice drifted down one after another. The day was named Glacier Day in its memory.

Today is September 30, Time Axis Day. Two men named Time Axis and Earth Axis challenged each other to a duel. The winner was Earth Axis! You can't see a time axis, but you can tell where an earth axis is located by the flags at the north and south poles.

Today is September 29, Ring Day. A millionaire lady was kidnapped on this day. She managed to escape by giving a ring she hid in her fat belly to one of the kidnappers. So, wear a ring today to get some of her good luck.

Today is September 28, Informer Day. There once was a country which paid a large reward for secret info. In this country lived a notorius informer named Replica. He was hated like the plague for informing everything of everyone to the government. Eventually there was no one left to inform about. In the end, he framed himself for a crime he did not commit. Impressed by Replica's commitment to informing, people named the day in his honor.

Today is September 27, Anvil Day. I know it's Anvil Day, but I don't know which anvil it refers to. There was a female Drifter duo by that name, but I'm not quite sure.

Today is September 26, Abnormal Weather Day. The professor's abnormal weather ran away from him, because it felt that the professor's love was too much of a burden. For the sake of the professor's eternal love for her, abnormal weather returns to Filgaia once every year.

Today is September 25, UMA Day. When you see a Chupacabra with bathing suit tans, you know fall has come. For those wondering what UMA means, it stands for Unidentified Marine Animal.

Today is September 24, Horse Day. A horse owner said in his speech, 'No horsing around on horse day.' ...End of story.

Today is September 23, Hippy Day. When I went to Little Twister the other day, my friend gave me some hippy clothes. I thought that wearing it will prevent bad guys from messing with me, but I was questioned for suspicious behavior by the locl marshal instead.

Today is September 22, Pigeon Day. Pigeons walk around bobbing their heads. When I was young, I tried to make a pigeon walk with it's head bound, but it couldn't walk straight. Looking back, it was a cruel thing to do. That's why I'm always blue on this day every year.

Today is September 21, Underfloor Day. Listening to women's heels tapping while I was beneath the dance floor is a beautiful memory I will never forget. P.S. Don't ask me why I was there.

Today is September 20, Street Preaching Day. Two bugs multiply into four in one day. They further multiply into eight. If it takes thirty days to cover Filgaia with bugs, how many days will it take to cover half of Filgaia? The Ark of Destiny preacher said that the answer is 29 days. I wonder what he was trying to prove.

Today is September 19, Pot of Hell Day. Although this isn't widely known, there is a gigantic cauldron in hell that boils sinners for eternity. The broth that seeps out of the rich and chubby sinners makes a good soup base.

Today is September 18, Stomach Day. Yesterday, I ate so much that I turned into a barrel. That loud rumble coming from my stomach is a warning from Mr. Stomach to handle him with care.

Today is September 17, Memory Figure Day. You must confess all of your experiences to memory figures. This is the only way to save your memories. However, some people fall in love with their memory figures. Whether this is caused by their magic or the repeated act of confession is unknown.

Today is September 16, Log Bridge Day. Ever get the urge to jump up and down on a log bridge? Now you can! Remember to write your will before you do, though. Jump at your own risk.

Today is September 15, Hijiki Day. Hijiki is a dried, stingy, black seaweed. It contains a lot of fiber and is good for your digestion. Just another piece of food trivia for the curious eater.

Today is September 14, Moon Day. We make special sweets to offer to Celesdue today. They're wonderful snacks with a clear gelatin skin and a yellow peach in the center. Eat too many and your hands will turn all yellow, but that's just the moon goddess letting you know you're overeating.

Today is September 13, Spider Lily Day. Spider Lily is the common name of a flower called Lycorus Radiata. It's a nice potted plant, but don't eat it. I sure regretted it when I did.

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