Today is October 18, Arrowhead Day. Watching arrowhead grass blown by the wind makes me feel refreshed. The shape of the arrowhead grass became the basis of arrows as we know today. See? The arrows are pointing this way today.

Today is October 17, Mustache Day. Growing out mustaches is a common way for baby-faced boys to appear mature. For girls, the only mustaches they get are milk mustaches.

Today is October 16, Trap Day. Setting traps and falling into traps is fun, but why do we think that way? Is it because it's a game of wits? I remember that classic trap I set with a bucket of water and a mop for my teacher. I told her to outwit me if she dared, but she didn't fall for it.

Today is October 15, Pancake Day. Frying pancakes makes them very good and sweet. Does that mean frying things makes everything sweet? I tried frying spaghetti, cabbage, and shoes but they didn't come out sweet. What did I do wrong?

Today is October 14, Sardine Day. How can we tell if we're supposed to take care of things on their day, or eat them instead? Maybe I can switch them around. First, I'm going to shower my sardines with appreciation today, and eat some dragon on Dragon Day.

Today is October 13, Build Your Own Shelf Day. I went to my local home furnishings store and bought a shelf kit. The only instructions on the box said, 'Assemble yourshelf.'

Today is October 12, Fat Ego Day. Having a big ego is one thing, but a fat ego is even worse. You can hide big egos if you try, but you can't hide if you're fat...

Today is October 11, Cool Day. If you can declare yourself cool with a straight face at the movie theater, you'll get a discount today. Try it. It's harder than you think.

Today is October 10, Chocolate Day. Chocolate is a cute sounding name for food. It whets my appetite just by the ring of it. Thank god it wasn't named choanoflagellate or something. Look the name up in an encyclopedia. You're not gonna like what you see.

Today is October 9, Mountain Day. There once was a master dowsing rodder who could strike water and dig wells. One day, he left for the mountains to hit the big one. True to his words, he found his prize. He struck an underground magma flow, activating a volcano that later became a grand mountain range.

Today is October 8, Dragon Day. A dragon's mouth smells like sulphur because it breathes fire. Once, and old lady mistook the smell for a hot spring, and dove into the dragon's mouth. Luckily for her, the dragon had a kind heart. He gave her warmth with his breath and let her go unharmed. How's that for a dragon heart?

Today is October 7, Glamor Day. I like wearing flashy clothes. I love glittering little coins. Having both, I'm in heaven today.

Today is October 6, Outlaw Day. To become a great outlaw, I was told you must first get rid of your likes and dislikes, and eat a balanced diet. I have no problems with that! That doesn't sound like a way to become an outlaw though. Oh, well.

Today is October 5, Double Day. Today we commemorate for all the legendary doubles that sacrificed themselves so their patron would live. Would someone like to double for me?

Today is October 4, Crown Day. During his coronation, the crown of King Martinius the Fool was knocked down by the hands of his own sister. Naturally, the king was furious at her, for letting everyone see his misshapen mohawk drooping underneath.

Today is October 3, Nutrition Day. I'm going to eat a balanced diet of chicken breasts, chicken wings, and chicken drumsticks. It's important to eat from all the different food groups, right?

Today is October 2, Shades Day. A marshal who always wore sunglasses was nicknamed Shades by his boss. Shades even wore his sunglasses at night. During an investigation in a dark dungeon, he was caught in a trap he couldn't see and died in the line of duty... Shades Day was named to mourn for his death. So please, don't wear your sunglasses at night.

Today is October 1, Glacier Day. A grandma was doing laundry by the riverside when blocks of ice drifted down one after another. The day was named Glacier Day in its memory.

Today is September 30, Time Axis Day. Two men named Time Axis and Earth Axis challenged each other to a duel. The winner was Earth Axis! You can't see a time axis, but you can tell where an earth axis is located by the flags at the north and south poles.

Today is September 29, Ring Day. A millionaire lady was kidnapped on this day. She managed to escape by giving a ring she hid in her fat belly to one of the kidnappers. So, wear a ring today to get some of her good luck.

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